Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When you tell the world a secret...

Whaaa? So no one's supposed to talk about it?

A TV personality publicly announces he is taking a leave of absence, and, oh yeah, he kinda-sorta fell in love with a widow too. The guy writes a letter and it is read live - on the air - and no one is supposed to mention it?

Oy! Fadda! Gimme a break already!


  1. Terry, I don't think Father was saying it was wrong to discuss it. I think the problem was that some people may have taken the discussion to a point that went beyond what was revealed.

    I myself had seen info I would not pass along publicly, nor privately because I felt it would involve detraction. Then, it was like the next day that Father made his statement.

    I don't think the general discussions are the problem. It could be info being spread that was not revealed by EWTN that got him started, or even the result of speculation which some people took as reality.

    God bless!

  2. Thanks Diane - I did see conjecture about the incident - on more or less respectable blogs too.

  3. Terry - I agree with diane. Too many of the blogs were just salivating over the whole deal - including wanting to practically tar and feather this fellow.

    Much was also said about how many faithful (using term loosely) would leave the church) yada, yada, blah, blah.

    On some days it seems like the Catholic bloggers are hell bent on running the church into the ground and, never mind who may be reading this nonsense.

  4. Adrienne - Really? I honestly did not get that on the blogs I read. Although - I know the people are out there who love to nail EWTN every chance they get. Religious people! Go figure!

  5. Guess I didn't make myself too clear. It seems to be mostly the comments on some of the blogs that seem to get out of hand. The blogs themselves are usually very good. Sorry - I'll try to be more clear in the future -- mea culpa, mea culpa

  6. What leaves me awestruck is that I saw this priest host his show and he seemed very well grounded in his vocation. I know, I know: looks can be deceiving; don't judge a book by its cover; you never know what's going to happen.

    When you think about it, of all the things that could have happened, this could be a much more severe and scandalous incident.


  7. You do a good accent...


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