Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I love this picture! I stole it from Jeffrey. My nickname was "Bear" - thus the illustration above should be the cover for my teddy bear children's book - for adults only - which tells the story of my life... (I haven't written it yet.)


  1. Gosh, I've been calling you Care-Ter, the Big Huggy Bear for a long time. Remember, me when you come into your millions. I want residuals.

  2. Jeron8:47 AM

    My nickname in high school was Jer Bear. Ter-Bear, we're so simpatico. LOL.

  3. I love it! The title will fit so perfectly on the upper banners: "Terry's Very Grimm Faerie Tales...."

    And on the lower banners, the subtitle: "...and Other Family Tales of Dysfunction"

    (Be sure and use the hip spelling of "Fairy". It will sell millions! Er, maybe not millions...Ok...dozens!)


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