Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Call in the investigative teams!

Blogger-talk has it that a man posing as a priest has a new blog called On Guard Against the Catholic "Lunatic Fringe". (OMIGOSH! Maybe it's Jeffrey!) I love the title - "Lunatic Fringe". LOL! The speculation that he is not a real priest is rampant however. I read his posts and found nothing offensive. I gather he is not a big fan of the Motu Proprio, but hey, is that a sin now? (Of course I don't know what the rules are for impersonating a priest.) There is a blog "Ask Sr. Mary Martha" - does anyone know if she is a real nun? Her site is immensely popular and fun to read, but what's the difference?

I've often said that we don't really know who most bloggers are, and on what authority do any of us write? So some one has a long pedigree of academic letters behind their name - that doesn't make them the Magesterium. Not a few bloggers have written professionally and are published authors - so? Even bloggers whom we know are priests - they aren't necessarily speaking ex-cathedra. For the most part we know who these bloggers are and into what categories they fall - so we trust them.

Nevertheless, there are many other bloggers who use pseudonyms and write orthodox to trad sounding stuff - how are we to know they aren't part of the "lunatic fringe"? What if one or two are priests posing as laymen?

At least with me you know my real name, you know my story and have realized I'm a lunatic.

A blog, is a blog, is a blog. Lighten up.

(Just a note - I was deleted from a couple of blogrolls once because I linked to an "unapproved" blog. You people are so strict.)


  1. Oh, I do hope the 'unapproved' blog was mine!

  2. Nope - it wasn't you Elena - the person who dropped me has you on their blogroll. I've since removed the offending site from my blogroll.

  3. I'm wondering if it's Jeffrey. The language is similar to his but the style is not....or is he deliberately changing his style to fool us? He is a wonderful writer.

    I'd think about that more but have reading to catch up on....the children have been to the doctors nearly every day this week and the book pile is gathering dust.

    Oh, I liked your Teresa of Avila posts.

  4. I for one am very happy you are a lunatic!

  5. I'm relieved. I guess....

  6. Yeah a blog's just a blog!

  7. I think it's dangerous for someone to pretend to be an authority and, yes, I consider someone saying they are a priest or a nun to be trying to hide behind an authority. Yes, we all know priests and nuns who don't always speak well or in line with Christ. But, I'm afraid someone will go to the imposter for help or advice that the imposter can't give.

    I don't know if Sr. Mary Martha is legit which is why she's (?) not on my blogroll.

    Really, I'm still furious that people don't recognize that I'm the Papal Nuncio to the U.S. I say I am so it must be true! I say I'm a nut but most people don't dispute the truth of that.

    Ter: I know you are trying to make light of the situation and I love you for it. I really am quite upset by it.

  8. Cath - Today I realize that a pretend priest may cause harm to others - even give scandal. It is best to be discerning when reading blogs.

  9. BTW - That is really me in my profile photo.



  10. Point taken.


    PS: I'm not in disguise as a Simpson either.

  11. Yeah, that's me in my profile pic, too...

  12. My pic was taken way back when, before "that" operation. That's OK with the Church, right?

  13. Good morning! I assure you that I am indeed a priest in good standing. (I wouldn't try to deceive people in that way!) Just because the "caveman" and his buddies can't find me doesn't mean I don't exist.

    I am actually flattered to have become the subject of such attention! All I wanted to do was start a little blog to share my thoughts.

    God's blessings to one and all!

  14. Thanks Father - Priets get a lot of attention on blogs - especially by some bloggers who don't trust anyone but priests and priest groupies.

    I honestly don't care - I like your blog - and like I said, I love the title. (It would be fun to find out you are someone else... what if you are archbishop Flynn - he has nothing better to do than blog.)

    BTW - Where do some priests find so much time to blog? Some priests must spend 4 to 8 hours a day on the net.

    Well, welcome to the blogosphere Father. You've really made quite a splash. LOL!

  15. It has been far spookier to find that this one or that one really IS clergy or Religious, perhaps most especially those hosting a donation button; but also, if I knew a Sister Mary Martha in person, for the sake of Christ and His little ones, I would never admit it.

  16. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I honestly don't know how some guys could spend that much time at it. With a laptop and wireless connection it is easy for me to peruse and blog while at the table for breakfast or lunch. Or in the evening (usually late evening) when I finally get to sit down and relax.

    There are slow days, though. Not every day isn't a whirlwind!

  17. Fr. - You are welcome. I wasn't chiding you on time spent, I had some others in mind.


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