Tuesday, September 18, 2007

She was such a "taser".

The above photo is pretty much why Julie is no longer a cop. She was taser happy. (She got this guy when he showed up at Mass in shorts.)


  1. Jeron5:22 PM

    I remember it vividly. Saturday Vigil Mass at St. Taffy's. I still have the burn marks to prove it.

  2. Actually, there's more to the story. If you would check the official record, not only was he wearing shorts, but he was from some denomination looking to filch Catholics and convert them to his idea of "church".

    jeron, if you had converted when you were directed, it never would have happened. And we would have let you go...but between the bad fashion and the filching....ZAP!

  3. Hah! You're so funny today! Has Adoro seen this yet?

  4. too funny ... but seriously, wonder what happen to the poor chap. He really thought he might never see the light of day again ...

  5. pml ~ That's called "The Recognition of the Wrath of God."

    There's a reason women can't be priests. Because if women were priests, we wouldn't be free to cheetah-tackle filchers and defend the Faith tooth and nail.

    And he's fine. He was taken down, charged, and is cooling his heels. All chaplains were made available to him. He still hates Catholics, but at least now he knows he's nothing but a bug flying into a zapper when he comes with the intention of robbing God.

    Here's the secret...God always sends women to the frontline. Look at Mary. Were it not for her, Jesus wouldn't have died for us.

    I'm just trying to be like Mary.

  6. Jeron7:34 AM

    I love filching. Proof that 'your mama wears combat boots.'

  7. That's Terry and the thugs hired by the school nurse so he'll take the girls in for counseling. He got tasered for laughing at them...."don't mess with menopausal women" the nurse was heard yelling in the background....

  8. I'm stunned that no one thought tasering someone for what they had on at Mass was something I would do!

    See, see, how Adoro really is!?! I've been saying it for years. Thanks for bringing Adoro's true nature to the public's attention, Terry.

  9. Cathy - it had to be done, especially now that she has infiltrated the church.

  10. Darn right, and we are planning a takeover.

    A poll of recent Archdiocesan employees includes mostly a roster of baby-bommer liberals...but with a constantly-rising number of Ave Maria IPT Grads and current MTS students.

    If that doesn't say something...nothing will.


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