Monday, September 17, 2007

My summer reading...

I haven't even finished!
Ms. Catherine of Alexandria has a heady little list of recommended reading that she went through - very impressive indeed - but what else do librarians do? Anyway, as promised I decided to do a list of my own summer reading.
Actually, I'm still reading it, I started it in May. It is the riveting "Bergdorf Blondes". Quite a dense read, hence I am savoring every page. I would read for a while and then I would have to digest what Plum Sykes wrote and put the book down for a while. Here is a review:
"They're ravenous. They're ruthless. They live in a strictly hierarchical, alpha-dog, eat-or-be-eaten world. No, it's not a rerun of Wild America; it's the world of dressed-to-the-nines Park Avenue heiresses, aka Bergdorf Blondes, botoxed to within an inch of their barely-into-the-third-decade lives. Our unnamed London-born heroine is New York's favorite "champagne-bubble-about-town" and just as effervescent and exhilarating as a fine bottle of Dom Perignon. Blissfully self-interested and flush with the cheeriness that comes from being, well, flush, Miss Disposable Income 2004 sashays her way through New York society in search of the perfect P.H. (Potential Husband)-"Have you any idea how awesome your skin looks if you are engaged?"-and the perfect butt-shaping pair of Chloe jeans."
After I finish this I hope to read O.J's new book - "If I'd Dune It" or something.


  1. Terry, I bet you have a whole shelf full of old Harold Robbins books!

  2. LOL!

    Unbeknownst to many, but I'll share it with you, I also have a Purely Trash reading club. We read Judith Krantz, Jacqueline Susann, and Jackie Collins, while we get our hair and nails done. We also drink a lot of fruity alcoholic drinks. Sounds just like me, doesn't it?

    Terry, you can be our token man so that we look sensitive and inclusive. With your plastic surgery obsession you are a natural for our group! Think about it.

  3. Angie - How did you know? LOL!

    Cath - did you notice I lifted this sentence from your post:

    "I would read for a while and then I would have to digest what Plum Sykes wrote and put the book down for a while."

  4. I noticed. I wasn't going to say anything. I was going to be a lady about it. But, you asked for it:



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