Monday, September 03, 2007

How do you spend Labor Day?

I hear it's a big day to spend with family - which is why everything is closed...

Yet all the malls and stores are open today, so I went out to get my girls some school supplies at Target. It was crowded. I fought with a woman over the last Hello Kittie backpack. My girl Agnes still likes Hello Kitty stuff, even though she's 10 this year. I asked her if she didn't think it was about time she got into Brittney Spears stuff or something, but her sister Celine said Brittney is so over. As a single dad, what the heck do I know?
Then I stopped at the liquor store for some wine and vodka - I'm having a few friends over tonight. (I hope they show up - otherwise I'll have to drink all that stuff by myself tonight.) I continued on my big, family-holiday adventure and stopped at Walgreen's for cigarettes and my prescription inhaler; I then moved along to the grocery store. (While driving around, I noticed that even the Volvo salesroom was open, as were the garden centers and little gift shops around town. Even the local bank was open. And I am not making that up!)
In the checkout line at Kowalski's, I noticed a woman behind me with flowers and I said, "Why don't you go ahead of me if that's all you have." She was so grateful and said, "Thanks, I have to get to the cemetery." Then she proudly added, "That's what this holiday is all about you know!" (I am not making that up either!)
On my way home I made a visit to my parish Church and sat outside to pray a couple decades of the rosary - I sat outside because it is locked up for the big family holiday. (I thought, that's okay, everything else is closed too!)


  1. You just love to confuse everyone don't you?

    I did not realize your cats were into Hello Kitty. Mine are content with a big pile of catnip.

  2. The world is upside down but I am glad you are a cat lover.

  3. You should see Celine in her uniform! (I told her no make-up though. I have no idea what she'll do on the bus though.)

  4. Anonymous12:32 AM

    What about dangly earrings? Fishnet pantyhose? Oh wait...that's Cathy!

    Angie M.

  5. Fishnets?!? Yuck. Pantyhose with the seam up the back? Now you're talking!

  6. Cigs and your inhaler? I'm not even going to comment any further-


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