Thursday, September 27, 2007

Catholic Georgetown University

This is just an incredible story.

Washington DC, Sep 27, 2007 / 10:18 am (CNA).- The oldest Catholic university in the nation has changed its policy to permit grants to law students who intern with abortion agencies, such as Planned Parenthood. - CNA

What the hell?


  1. Terry, I stopped sending money to the Catholic college I attended because they have a prof. who supports and teaches evolution and a Religion prof. who is a Lesbian and speaks openly about her preferences.

    The poor nun who started this college would roll over in her Saintly gave!

  2. Never mind "what the hell" - I say WTF?!

  3. a move to the Outer Limits ... Quiz: What will the next progressive move be?

  4. I can understand how the Papal Nuncio in WDC might not be aware of what is going on in Catholic churches and colleges in the midwest, the south, the mountain states, etc.

    He surely can't be unaware of things happening at Georgetown! Why don't they take action. If they can excommunicate an order of six 80 year old nuns, why can't they jump on the Jesuits of Georgetown and other universities of the East Coast?

    If the Nuncio does nothing about Georgetown, it tells me that it wouldn't have any effect for me to write him about abuses that I am aware of around here.

  5. St. Kate's just announced their new School of Health. Oh my. Oh my.

  6. Hell indeed and WTF!

    cris is right. We need to quit sending all of the dissident colleges money and students. The most recent issue of the National Catholic Register has their annual list of mandatum Catholic colleges. I pray Catholics will support and attend those institutions and let the CINO ones go to you know where.


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