Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to school and the single dad...

Two days back in school and I already got a call. Both the girls have to wear uniforms to school for the first time this year. That means with real shoes. Aggie went to class with flip-flops on and I get a call to bring in her shoes or take her home. I told the Headmistress, "What's the deal, it's not like she was going to be serving Mass today or anything." I can see how this school year is going. (Yesterday Celine had to go into the girls room and wash all of her make-up off.)


  1. Now I am REALLY confused.....

  2. Unless I'm out of the loop (again), I must say I didn't realise you were a Dad.

    Adds a new dimension to your cyber personality!


  3. My goodness...

    you should write for sit-coms!


  4. That's Terry No. 46, E.M.

  5. I am even more confused than Elena Maria, and I thought I knew you!

  6. ukok - Did you ever see the movie "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf"? The main characters, George and Martha pretended to have children too.

  7. Oh Terry, you're a really difficult read and I haven't yet decided if your unputdownable or not....

  8. The sad thing is, you're not too far off from what I have experienced. I mean, at least as far as getting calls from the school for really ridiculous things...

    "Ms. B, your son will not stay in the classroom... perhaps you should come pick him up."

    "Excuse me? Is there a reason why you, as a qualified teacher, cannot keep a five year old in the classroom? Try to be smarter than the average five-year-old and you shouldn't have any problems... "

    Ok, so I didn't respond quite like that... but I think it's absurd to get such calls! After three of them in one week, I decided to move my son to a public school. Problem solved.


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