Friday, September 07, 2007

The All-School Mass.

They are good kids!
Today was the first All-School Mass of the year for Celine and Agnes. It didn't go too well - another call from the Headmistress to me followed Mass. She claimed that both Aggie and Celine were listening to their iPods and texting mesages throughout the Mass. Exasperated I said, "Listen Sister, at least they went to Mass and were quiet. I've been at your All-School Masses and they sound like a pep-rally. What do you want me to do about it?"

Sister says they can't bring their iPods or Blackberry to school any longer. Gosh!


  1. I would have to say that this is one of the most "real" interpretations of the Catholic Schools in my area... only you would not say "Listen Sister" you would cock you head to one side and say, "Back off Sally Field!" and then go on to blame the rest of the nuns for your cats', I mean childrens' bad behavior.

    What ever happened to the days when a parent believed what the teacher said and took you home and gave you the belt?

    Ahhh, memories. They are the cat's meow.

  2. Sister? What Sister? Its been a long time since Sister has been in the classroom, at least in most places!

  3. Don Marco, The school my two girls go to actually has 3 sisters who teach there, they are traditional nuns. First year there, which is why this is the first year for uniforms and discipline, as well as all school Masses.

  4. Curious time line in a lot of places.

    1966: Sisters modify habit and remain for the most part teaching in Catholic schools.

    1968: Sisters modify the modified habit and about 30% of them leave Catholic schools and their Congregations. One Superior General kept a stack of pre-signed requests for dispensation from vows in her desk drawer. Her teaching community went from over 800 Sisters at the close of the school year in 1968 to less than 500 at the re-opening of school in September of the same year. Huge personnel crisis. Schools close. It was the summer of "Humanae Vitae."

    1970: Secular dress prevails and Catholic schools continue closing. Parish convents empty out. Parish church sacristies deteriorate into chaos.


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