Saturday, August 25, 2007

"You can't handle the truth!"

Some people have their heads in the sand...

Most Americans, Catholics included, can't handle the truth. The truth about abortion - what an aborted fetus looks like, or what gay sex is all about and how some Catholic parents of gay kids condone it...


  1. I was just listening to Michael Savage. I know, I know. Somewhat of a crazy man. But sometimes I learn things.

    I just heard him and a caller agree that the fashion of oversized low slung jeans with, underwear showing (I'm being discrete here), so popular with boys and young men today, originates from styles "fashionable" with submissive (and cooperative) inmates in our country's toughest prisons.

  2. Ray - I've heard that before as well.

  3. Jeron9:38 AM

    The "urban look" of pants hanging down to their knees is an homage to the "ganstas" in prison, whose pants fall down without wearing a belt. It's stupid.

  4. Ray: Hey, that's intriguing! I did not know that. I think someone needs to do a post on that connection-hi, Terry!


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