Friday, August 31, 2007

Wet cigars.

I watched Hillary Clinton on Letterman last night. I definitely don't agree with some of her politics, but she is a likable person - in a one-on-one interview anyway. I'm fairly certain she will be our next President. Letterman asked her what Bill will do? I wonder too.


  1. We get the leaders we deserve.

    Hilary will lead us right where we're Hell.

    Let the Second Coming begin.

  2. He also seemed very likab... nevermind.

    Aren't they from the generation that doesn't believe in procreati... nevermind.

    So, besides there not being enough people to keep Social Security afloat, thanks to their ilk (not a judgement, mind you - merely an observation)...

    Do you think there are actually enough left to elect a mother of one who wrote a book about how it takes a village (would that involve taxes?) to raise a kid?

    Someone who hyphenated her name when they entered D.C... didn't she think the people of Arkansas could wrap their minds around a hyphen?

    Btw - I'm a DINO, & can vote in the primaries - who should I vote for, besides her, that doesn't have a snowball's chance of winning?

    In theory, I figured if enough pro-lifers (Christian or otherwise) were Dems, it would weaken & water down their platform - my rationale being, this country has a cancer - let's zap it at its core...

    But, I'm not a great recruiter:(

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I dunno, Terry ... I think if Fred Thompson runs a smart campaign, he might have a shot. A lot of people REALLY dislike Ms. Clinton.

  4. I like this picture of Hillaryous. It's very becoming.

  5. midwestmom8:21 PM

    She won't be the prez. The US is not ready for a woman president. Giuliani or Romney could kick her tail.


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