Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Toe-tapping Music in the Toilet...

And waving at the guy next door...
U.S. Senator Larry Craig obviously heard about Minnesota nice and was just being friendly while sitting on the john at the MPLS/St. Paul airport. Clearly misunderstood, he was arrested for indecent conduct. Can't a man just do his business in the toilet? What's wrong with tapping your foot and snuggling it close to the man in the stall next to you? It gets lonely in the men's room - so a little wave under the stall, can't a fellow just be neighborly? Sheesh!
Did you read my post from the other day about what gay sex is all about? I had guys who worked for me at a local department store, fired from their jobs for being neighborly in the stalls of the men's room at the store. It isn't just closeted married men who do the tea room thing - it's a gay thing.
Larry's political career may be over, but he wasn't actually caught in a sexual act - so he will get off - no pun intended. What the incident does however, is raise the awareness of what gays actually do - often in public like this.


  1. The office we had in San Francisco had to implement card only access to the restrooms because of all the gay sex that was going on in them. People were walking in from the street and using the restrooms for more then clearing their bladders.

  2. Several years ago I read in a major Canadian weekly about a series of incidences that a mother of small children endured when she first went to the local police department to complain about the gay sex in their local neighborhood park.

    She basically was told it was "out of their hands" and they referred her to a GLAAD-type organization who was handling such complaints. Of course she naturally wondered why the police didn't handle it ... so she went to a meeting the organization was holding to register the complaint ... bottom line, nothing came of it and she felt totally intimidated at the meeting.

    It is just me or is there a growing attitude among alternative lifestyle cultures of entitlement (a perceived civil right) to fulfill one's desires anywhere by any means as one pleases. It isn't confined to "underground clubs" or a person's home anymore ... but to bathrooms of major public thoroughfares or neighborhood parks or buses or school classrooms?

    Why do gay information sights have "know your right" sections especially, when it comes to "public pick-up" places. What about the rights of the other citizens to be able to send their male children into a rest room with out fearing his exposure to such behavior?

    I also sense a growing number in "authority", be it in government, schools, religions or business, have embraced the same attitudes in various degrees.

    Example from Massachusetts a few years ago ... it is all on how you define "public place" ... ya know:


    " ...Gov. Paul Cellucci issued an admonishment Friday that the state 'absolutely would not tolerate any sexual activity in public rest areas.'"

    "His clarification came after Massachusetts State Police released what appeared to be relaxed guidelines on how troopers should deal with possible sexual activity in public places.

    ... As part of the settlement with the man, who was not identified, police agreed to release a 'general order' on how troopers should treat people who are tempted to have sex in public places.

    The general order points out that it’s illegal to have sex in a 'public place,' but it throws into question what might be considered a public place. .."

    Senator Craig and his family will need a big dose of payers ... as does our society and her families.

  3. Mary of St. Paul2:12 PM

    There is a website that the gays go to to find out locations of where they can have random gay sex and the MSP airport is one of the most popular locations in this area. I can't remember the site but I saw it on the paper a couple of weeks ago. Disgusting website but a good resource to know where not to send your kids into the bathroom!

  4. Mary and Paula - thanks for your comments. You hve to wonder what is going on, don't you?

  5. Oh my Terry i got more than i bargained for visiting your blog today! lol

  6. Karsnia said Craig stood outside his stall, looking through the crack between the door and its frame. "I could see Craig's blue eyes as he looked into my stall."

    That to me sounds like somebody who would do that is not qualified to be a United States Senator.

  7. Ray - Larry's Senate career is pretty much washed up...

  8. At one public swimming pool in Vancouver, the doors to the little boys' room are sawed off at half mast, so when the life guards do their bathroom checks they can put a stop to the gays who are soliciting sex in the bathroom stalls.

    I've heard they also go at it in the whirlpool. Disgusting.


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