Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trans-sexual-orientation? (I made that up.)

"Im so sick of this gay bullshit!"

My mother used to say things like that when she was tired of being nice. Like on my birthday, after the presents were opened and the cake was eaten, and I'd ask for another piece or something. She'd shout, exasperated because she had already been so indulgent, "I'm so sick of this birthday bullshit!" (Even back then I thought it was funny - although she had been serious.)

Anyway, I am tired of it, but I found the following article online, a report on how gay activists attacked a group of former gay people at a State Fair. Kind of interesting from a politically-correct = double standard point of view:

ARLINGTON, Virginia, August. 28, 2007 ( - Angry homosexual activists harassed and assaulted ex-homosexuals at the Arlington County Fair last week, according to an ex-gay educational and support group.

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) reports its volunteers were distributing education materials on same-sex attraction and awareness of ex-homosexuals at their fair booth. Homosexual activists approached them and created a disturbance, spewing obscenities and dashing materials from the exhibit table. The group demanded that PFOX leave the fairgrounds, recognize "same-sex spouses" and rejected arguments that homosexuals could change their sexual orientation although they admitted they knew heterosexuals who had done the same. - LifeSiteNews

The article points out an interesting notion. Gay people will admit that a hetero can change and choose to become a homo - yet the reverse is anathema to their creed. How intolerant is that? (I never thought of it like that before though, a hetero becoming a homo, but it happens. I think they usually say they "realized" they were gay.)


  1. Senator Craig2:55 PM

    "I can't eat another bite."

  2. Larry! Get in the bathroom and wash up, you pig!

  3. The "Best of the web 8/28" WSJ had an interesting article by James Taranto on Craig and his encounter w/gay activist over the years ... after reading it, I was wondering where the truth really was in this sad tale.

    The author ends it with these reflections that dovetail some of your observations:

    " ...For the sake of argument, suppose this liberal view is true. What does it imply about the closeted homosexual who takes antigay positions? To our mind, the implication is that he is a deeply tragic figure, an abject victim of society's prejudices, which he has internalized and turned against himself. "Outing" him seems an act of gratuitous cruelty, not to mention hypocrisy if one also claims to believe in the right to privacy..."

    "...Anyway, most lawmakers who oppose gay-rights measures are not homosexual. To single out those who are for special vituperation is itself a form of antigay prejudice. Liberals pride themselves on their compassion, but often are unwilling to extend it to those with whose politics they disagree..."

    Can't a gay politician be against ss-marriage because he/she may understand the ramifications to society?

    Regarding your latter reflection, I have read plenty that would give solid examples of hetero men (& women) who just have no morals and just "experiment" because they can or for money etc. "Gay outing" is a bit presumptuous & disingenuous, and truly not current w/trends given the "in" thing is to be sexually fluid.

    There truly is a double standard that has developed on this subject and a few others too.

    Expect more of this confusion unless there are major conversions among the people.

  4. Terry, I can't stand any more of this gay bullshit, either. They are the first ones to cry foul, err I mean hatred, discrimination and homophobia when it suits their political agenda, but turn the tables on them and it looks like they beat you up. Go figure. I wonder what winnipeg catholic thinks of this behaviour?

  5. "Wahfah thin!"
    Ew, that picture grosses me out.

  6. The NEA had an interesting dust-up a few years back where an organization of former gays wanted to set up a booth at their convention and the NEA said no to them but said yes to the gay rights/out and about folks. So much for an open exchange of educational information.

  7. ma beck - me too! Which is why I used it for the post. :)


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