Monday, August 27, 2007

Blog comments...

It's a neighborly day in this beautywood!

You people know I normally don't go back and check if you responded to my comments after I have placed them on your blog don't you? (Well, at Cathy and Angie's site I sometimes do - just because they are so darn funny. Cathy has moderation on though, so she sometimes will not post my comments. Should I feel bad? No, I really don't.)


  1. Ter: You know I don't post your comments all the time because: 1) I have a family blog, 2) you tell me not too!

  2. LOL! Yes, that is true.

  3. 'sokay, Terry...

    As I don't post that often, I sometimes don't realize that a comment has been left -

    But they're always appreciated, & you're always welcome:)

  4. Whaaa?
    You don't go back and read responses??

    (Neither do I, quite often.)

  5. Terry, as risque as your comments are, I always post them. ;}

    Just kidding. You're pretty tame compared to some...


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