See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient with it until it receives the early and the late rains. - James 5:7

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blog breakdown...

I can see it coming. There are indications of a wave of incivility erupting in the blogosphere of make-believe. I sense it when I visit other sites. It seems to be kind of cyclical. Some bloggers and commenters go through an 'all- sweetness-devotion and humility' period, eventually returning to their hyper-critical self... until suddenly, WHAM! The gloves are off! This is about the fourth time I've noticed it in my year and a half of blogging.

Some bloggers, and obviously commenters, seem to have a lot of issues - other than the subjects they post about. (Although it's fun to watch, I think I better be careful.)


  1. Terry, at least with you, we know what to expect. This blog is always a surprise, and your other one is spiritual. I like coming to this one to see what kind of mood you are in today! ;}

  2. Jeron5:36 PM

    Terry, you really shouldn't speak of the ill like that. It's not Cathy's fault they could't refill her Lithium on time.

  3. jeron: Funny, I thought Terry was talking about you! :-)

  4. I'm sorry, Terry, I'll try to do better. But as you's cyclical!

  5. I'll try & do better too, Terry...


    ToMORrow!! :)

  6. Jeron6:48 AM

    Cathy: Silly goose, I pop Seroquel like Pez, not Lithium!

  7. Good point, Terry. Do you sense that it's confined to the religious/political blogs in particular, or do you see this as more of a blogosphere-wide situation?


  8. Mitchell - no, probably just mine. (I was heading in that direction.)

    Seriously, just the religious blogs, I don't really read that many secular blogs - many of the ones I've visited are always snippy, snappy, and snarky. Except yours of course.

  9. I would'nt want blogger Jack coming after me!

  10. Vincenzo! LOL! That is great. Thank you.


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