Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday afternoon stuff...

Today, a friend wanted to know if I would like to join her on a trip to Target - of course I said no - it's horrible to shop with women - Sunday or no Sunday. Although I did explain to her I try not to shop on Sundays - especially now that I'm not working and can go during the week. She isn't a practicing anything, so it doesn't matter to her - the Lord's day or not. She said everyone shops on Sunday, it's recreational shopping. I explained picking up necessities at a grocery store may be one thing, but that I felt Christians really ought not to be shopping on Sundays - she called me old fashioned.

I asked her, since she was going, if she'd look for a nice pair of longer cargo shorts for me that I could wear to Mass.

(Photo: Not me.)


  1. I knew that photo wasn't of you - duh! I posted that shot of you singing on MY blog!

  2. I'm actually Jim Morrison. LOL!

  3. Ohhhhhhhh! I like him too!

  4. Shopping with others:

    I don't think it's a good idea. Shopping should be a solitary event. I went shopping with my Mom once.

    Now I loved her as much as I have loved anybody in my life. And I truly believe she was a saint (especially for putting up with me).

    But she came down one weekend, staying with me, for some event (a Baptism?) at my brother's and she forgot to bring her dress.

    So she needed to pick up a dress for the event. No Dayton's for her. We stopped at the Lake Street Sears (this was some time ago).

    They had what I thought was an enormous supply of ladies dresses and I figured this would be a ten minute process. Well, after what seemed like an hour, she still couldn't find anything and refused what I thought were nice recommendations from me.

    At the end I was ready to kill her. We were all (my sister was there) shocked at my anger.

    And we left without purchasing anything and Mom attended the Baptism (?) wearing her frumpy travelling outfit.

    I'm still ashamed. And I don't shop with anyone. Ever.

  5. Terry: Re: your cargo shorts comment. You just love to get me going don't you?

  6. Cath - last sunday at mass you can't imagine how many guys were in shorts. LOL!


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