Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Leaf-let-me-alone Missing It Company

You better work!

I recently ran into someone who works for the same Catholic catalog company I once did. She said nothing much has changed, micro-management and other accompanying family nonsense is still a big deal. The customer service and call center people are doing product data base stuff, now that business is down and because another one of the main catalog production team members recently resigned. The woman was a little bitter about her job. It seems one of the owners told a former employee that with the last resignation, the company could fold and people could lose their jobs. Miss Call Center was not too happy to get that news.


  1. I prayed for them at Mass on Sunday. Dysfunction and problems aside, I would hate to see them fold. We need faithful Catholic bookstores or, at least, I know I do.

  2. You are such an angel! They won't fold - that's just their dysfunction talking. But there are other places, St. George's and the one in Minnetonka, although I do everything online now, well, I buy my Magnificat at St. Pat's.

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    It's hard to give money to people who have such distain for Catholicism. (not including the former owners)


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