Saturday, July 07, 2007

Has anyone seen these people?

Does anyone in Britain know my friends Pam and Tom Barbour? If you do, will you tell them about my blogs? I haven't written to them in about 5 years.
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Gina Barthel? I haven't heard from her in about 3 years, and I was her best friend. (She may be still mad at me because I didn't like the habits the Sisters of Life wear.)
Does anyone know Nora Turchi? We were friends when I lived in Boston, I'd love t know what happened to her.
How about Jon Lovitz? He is no longer doing the Subway ads.
Finally, has anyone ever seen Janice LaDuke and what she wears to Mass on such a hot day?
(The first 3 questions are serious.)


  1. I heard from Janice LaDuke and she wears a floor length formal chiffon gown long-sleeved with pantyhose and sprays the rebellion out of her hair with Aqua Net.

    You should have seen the guys with their mouths open, she said!

  2. Would you stop it?

    Now I'm craving Subway!


  3. Aqua Net is a great fixer for pastels and charcoals. Terry knows what I'm talking about. It also makes a great blowtorch for killing large spiders.

    I quit putting it on my hair when my bangs stopped being big.

    Personally, I think Cathy should stop going to Gehghis Formal Wear, renting bridesmaids dresses for Mass, and then returning them. It seems dishonest to me.

    On hot days, more often than not, I wear capris with nice shoes and a nice top, and then a mantilla. No, the shoes aren't actually heels; they are open toed dress shoes with a raised heel, but the sole is flat. They are nearly "flats", but not quite. They are Bass.

    No, not fish. I bought them at the shoe store at the Albertville Outlet Mall.

    Terry, don't be shocked and don't scold me for not wearing a skirt. You KNOW I'm a tomboy! And formals make me itchy unless they involve a stage, bright lights, and opera music.

  4. Adoro - I do know about Aquanet as a workable fixative - laugh out loud1

    And I'm pretty liberal about what women wear to Church - I actually think capris are one of the best inventions ever - women look good in them. Pants on women are like a skirt with legs. Isn't that clever?

  5. Rhaps - "Eat Fresh!" :)

  6. Cathy - Janice sounds "hot" - get it? LOL!

  7. Terry, I seem to remember you complaining about women wearing capris and saying they were ugly. Or maybe you were talking about pedal-pushers, which are different, but similar enough to be confused by some people. Myself, I tried on a pair of pedal pushers and didn't like them, would NEVER wear them to Mass.

    Capris, though...they are nice and comfy in hot weather, no chafing. Chafing is bad.

    Besides...since I wear capris, I don't have to take formal wear to the dry cleaner and hope the underarm sweat stains comes out of the kremalin or the taffeta like Cathy does. I have no idea what she spends on dry cleaning to uphold her Mass formal-wear platform, but it's gotta be dear!

    Maybe she should just go to Kohl's and pick up some nice skirts. That should be fine. Will you talk to her about that?

  8. I can't remember if I did say anything bad about capri pants - maybe in reference to some women I used to work with - but I really do like them.

    (Cathy said she wears dress sheilds which helps with the perspirtion problems. I never knew she liked really high hair so much, did you?)

  9. Adoro: Thanks for sharing all the fashion tips. I'm really upset that you outed my formal wear scam! Now what am I gonna do? Wear Zubaz to Mass like Terry?

  10. What's wrong with Zubaz? Or for that matter, parachute pants?

  11. Anonymous12:15 AM

    What are zubaz? Is that, like, some Minnesotan thing?

    Angie M.

  12. Angela: No, it's like, totally, an 80's thing.

    They were big cotton pants in garish colors with tiger stripes and other patterns on them. I think they were cuffed at the ankle and had an elastic waist. Sometimes, you still see weightlifters and wrestlers wearing them-which is, I think, were it all started. I seem to recall the maker of Zubaz was from this area.

  13. Parachute pants are cool when a woman wears really high heels with them.

  14. Why do I feel that I shouldn't be reading the posts on AR1? It seems like an invasion of privacy.

    But always having opinion, I will pipe in that Zubazs were created by a couple of Minnesota body builders who got a couple of ultimately big time Minnesota trained tag team wrestlers (for a while) known as the Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal). Their thighs were so huge that they couldn't find comfortable pants so they had somebody make some roomy pants for them and for some reason they chose these really outlandish fabrics and they became a cult fad because the wrestlers were cult heroes for a short time.

    The Road Warriors would occasionally hang out a a bar in the downtown Mpls warehouse district across the street from where I worked at one time. No lie, their biceps were humongous, about the size of most men's thighs.

    Steroid induced. One of them died at age 46.


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