Sunday, June 24, 2007


The dykes down the street are having a Pride party tonight. Theresa put up a tent in her yard, and her partner, who I thought was her brother, seems to be tending bar. Butch-o-rama!
I never go to parties anyway, but that doesn't mean I'm not ticked that I wasn't invited.
You know, you try so hard to be nice to dykes, but the butch ones tend to be kind of bitchy - I'm pretty sure most of them hate men. (Maybe it's just because this group happens to be Gen-Xers - naw, I really think it's a dyke thing.)
Whatever, I think I'll call the cops before I go to bed. LOL!


  1. When I started bartending at one of the top gay bars in St. Louis, my barback & I decided to take a night off & go to our "sister bars" so we knew what they offered, where to refer out-of-towners, etc. We went to one of the lesbian bars & told them we worked down the street. They were mean & hateful to us, even though we were "family." Sister Sledge my ass! We were lucky they didn't pee on us.

  2. jeron: ROFL!

    Terry: If you say we should get don't have time to party anyway. You are too busy listening to the monastery bell at midnight or the dogs howling at 2:00 a.m. or whatever your little beautifully worded excuse says.

  3. You're so funny, Terry! :}

  4. In my experience, they also hate women who look like women and act like women and happen to really like men and not women.

  5. Adoro - Omigosh! - that is so true. Many hate "breeders" - isn't that pathetic? - of course it is not a disorder! (I've worked with a few SSA women myself.)


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