Friday, June 08, 2007

Truth in media.

Bishops meet on gay issues.

Has anyone else heard of this? That bishops were meeting in Baltimore on June 5th to discuss issues concerning gays? (I've been sitting on this to see if anyone else picked it up, or to hear if there may have been some clandestine meeting.) I checked the schedule at the USCCB website and there was nothing posted about this. So why would a major British gay news service publish something that was false? Don't all news sources check their facts and only report the truth? Here is a snippet from Pink News:

5th June 2007 11:42 writer

American Roman Catholic bishops may give the green light to new guidelines this week, which would mean gay Catholics would not have to try to change their sexual orientation.

Bishops convene today in Baltimore for their annual meeting. The guidelines will also encourage clergy to baptise the children of same-sex couples who agree to raise them in the Catholic faith.

The Roman Catholic Church will continue to stress that they believe same-sex relationships are immoral. Cardinal Francis George, vice president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops told The Chicago Tribune: "We are trying to find a language that does not betray the teaching of the church, but will perhaps express it in ways that are not so offensive." - Pink News

It should be understood the Catholic Church does not require a person with Same Sex Attraction to seek therapy to change their orientation. The Church simply asks that they live chastely and celibate in accord with Church teaching. Just like they ask any un-chaste person to do - straight or gay.

What is this, feel good news for Gay Pride month? Where did they get this story? And why do they care? The militant faction disagrees with what the Church teaches on divorce and remarriage, contraception, abortion, condoms, papal authority, etc., anyway - so why not forget about it?


  1. Terry, I have not heard anything in my *Courage* pipeline about this alleged meeting, but that doesn't mean it's not scheduled. (And I thought I asked you never to post my picture!!) Thanks also for clarifying that the Church does not teach (or even encourage) that a SSA Catholic needs to change their sexual orientation. In my case (and in many/most cases, I'd say) it'd do more harm than good. No one knows why we live w/this but it's our cross to bear. Get on with it, I say.

  2. I think the news release you quoted is a "when you wish upon a star" story written by Tinkerbell.

    In other words, not true. It's possible Bishops met in Baltimore (it's also possible they were just there for an Orioles game). However, there is no way they are going to do what that news release claimed.

  3. Cathy LOL! But really you guys - I'm surprised t "made-up news" like this - out of nowhere!

    I mean, who is one to believe nowadays if you can't trust news media????

    Okay - now I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! I'm just one SNL unto myself!

  4. Have you ever dealt with the media very much? An old friend of mine was an editor. Whenever we went to the same meeting and he thought something needed to be said, he'd quote me as saying it. After serious confusion, the first few times, I got into the habit of calling him the next morning to find out what I'd said. Invented news is a lot more common than most people realize.

  5. It has now been revealed that Unnamed Source IS Jeffrey Miller!

  6. Oops, Jeffrey Smith...oh, dang, it. There went my attempt at wit right down the loo.


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