Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris in the springtime

Paris in the springtime of her youth - heading back to just have to feel sorry for her. She is obviously a spoiled little rich-girl brat. She was never raised correctly in the first place. I mean what mother allows their daughter to go around in public without underwear and to do half the things this little girl has done? (Answer: A lot of parents allow this.)

Today she left the courtroom screaming and crying, plaintively calling out. "Mom!" Although her negligent mother cannot help her now. I think the mom should go to jail too - for raising such a spoiled bitc-I mean witch!
See parents what you do to your kids when you give them everything, protect them from real life, allow them to grow up with little or no responsibility, as well as a feigned morality, and teach them to love money, success and glamour? See what happens to your little air-heads?
[Whatever happened with Mike Hatch's daughters after that Chicago police scuffle anyway?]
Read the story on Paris - if you are interested, "Screaming Paris goes back to jail."


  1. Jeron4:48 PM

    Maybe this'll help her get a toehold on reality.

  2. The other tragedy here is that she had to show up in court today without make-up and in sweats, and her hir was a mess. I can't blame her for crying.

  3. Mike Hatch was our Attorney General a couple of years ago, ran for govenor, lost - an a jerk. His twin daughters, Catholic educated - Paris waanna bes - no - I'm sure they would have thought themselves superior to Paris - but bitches like their dad.

    Anyway - they were drunk and obnoxious in a Chicago club, arrested, taken into custody and kicked the police car window out. They went to court but I'm not sure if daddy got them off.

    I actually don't care about any of these people, and simply wanted to point out that some children of privlege were actually raised to be the egotistical, spoiled, bitches they turned out to be.

  4. "Sugar and spice" hasn't been even remotely accurate for years, I'm afraid.


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