Monday, June 18, 2007

My name is Beowulf Potter!

Well it feels like my name should be Potter. It seems my garden is a Beatrix Potter wonderland this year. I was in the garden today, praying my rosary, when three little chipmunks - I know, they are gophers, nearly ran across my feet. Shortly after a rabbit headed across the lawn into the hosta bed, soon followed by her baby rabbit. This morning I just witnessed a robin's brood of fledglings abandon their nest in the crab apple (3 in all), and I have never had so many house finch nests in the hedges before this year. I haven't seen my mice yet, nor the mole, but I'm sure they are here. I also have mourning doves and several pairs of cardinals. I can't forget the sparrows and goldfinch, nor Mr. Squirrel, and the night time visits of the raccoon family. It's very cool.

The cats like the critters too - Agnes chases them, and Xena just likes to watch.

I feel like Mr. Rogers!


  1. Jeron4:06 PM

    2 words: Liquid Fence

  2. Jeron, you are as bad as Cathy of Alexandria - who happens to be the serial mom of hunting. I completely redid my garden to allow for these creatures - even the mouses - none of them are permitted in the house however.

  3. You sound like a veritable St. Francis, my dear!


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