Friday, June 01, 2007

Mass today...

I attended Mass today at Assumption in St. Paul, expecting they would have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, but they have dicontinued it. (They used to have it every Friday, all day.) I hadn't been there since they refurbished the interior, it was beautiful. I saw many familiar faces there from years ago, the same people, sitting in the same place, albeit a bit older, it was edifying. What constancy these people have - how faithful they have been over the years.

However, listen to this!

What with the recent posts on appropriate attire for Mass, I must say I was a bit embarrassed to have worn corduroys after Memorial Day. Indeed, I was asked to leave by the usher, who was wearing a nice pair of neatly pressed Bermuda shorts.
Photo: Patty Hearst attacked by Kathleen Turner for wearing white after Labor Day in their roles for the movie "Serial Mom". In this scene, Ms. Hearst is desperately trying to convince Ms. Turner's character that it is now okay to wear white after Labor Day. (Don't tell Cathy that!)


  1. Hey, I wear white after Labor Day. Really, Terry, it's white SHOES after Labor Day that are a no-no. I'm stunned you did not know this.

    I've probably worn white shoes after Labor Day! Gasp, shock, I know.

    In any case, let me not get distracted from the bigger issue at hand: corduroy?!?

  2. You totally crack me up!

  3. Terry,

    Just remember - khaki is the new white...

    On a (slightly) more serious note, what is your understanding on the orthodoxy of the Mass at Assumption (aka the Teutonic Towers)? I've never been there; seen the interior, which was dazzling, but as we know all-to-well, that isn't necessarily an indicator of what goes on inside. So is their Mass pretty straightforward, or suspect...

  4. The Mass at Assumption is not like one would be used to at St. Louis, or St. Agnes. Nothing weird however - pretty simple.

    The people who attend during the week are very devout. I have never been there for Sunday Mass however.


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