Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hit me with your best shot!

Someone delighted me in a comment by calling me a "pompous ass" - and to think I have called others that so often in the past! What goes around comes around.

Nevertheless, it did me so much good that I'm declaring open season on Terry! Please submit all of your negative opinions on me in the comment box. Blast me out of the water! Tell me what I need to hear. Remember, it is an act of mercy to, "instruct the ignorant" so don't be shy.

Blast away! (I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!)


  1. How about "blithering doofus"? Then there's my grandmother's favorite. "You're a pisspot."
    Are you sure you want to take risks like this?

  2. I'm a sycophant.

    Therefore I can't tell you anything bad to your face. Should I go to one of your friend's blogs and say something bad about you?

  3. You are a crazy Irishman-- which is also a compliment. You are anything but pompous.

  4. NAB - Yes - post the truth! :)

  5. Elena - Thank you - I think I'm like Nana then...crazy Irishman.

  6. Done and done...its one of the from June 6. :)

  7. The person who said you were a pompous ass is all wrong. Really, you are a paranoid schizophrenic with manic depressive tendencies who smokes too much, is obsessed with bikini waxing, AND thinks he is David Hasselhoff.

    I hate it when people get you wrong, Terry.

    Really, it hurts me.


  8. Omigosh! Cathy, were you talking to my Dr.?

    NAB - Found it - loved it!

    But you have all been way too nice!

  9. Pity I didn't try harder.

  10. Miranda4:06 PM

    You are hideously fat. You look like William Shattner in "Boston Legal"

    And you are beneath contempt.

    That's all.

  11. Grrr...

    Stay away from smokes!

  12. Rhaps - I am worse now than before I tried to quit! Thanks though!

  13. Try again -

    Don't quit quitting - get yourself used to saying no.

    Do you want me to nag you further? I'm perfectly capable of it...


  14. Is there anything you don't have an opinion about? (crap...that is actually a compliment!)


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