Monday, June 25, 2007


The end of these other poor wretches who are in great misery.

"How terrible and dark is their death! Because in the moment of death, as I told you, the Devil accuses them with great terror and darkness, showing his face, which you know is so horrible that the creature would rather choose any pain that can be suffered in this world than see it; and so greatly does he freshen the sting of conscience that it gnaws him horribly. The inordinate delights and sensuality of which he made lords over his reason, accuse him miserably, because then he knows the truth of that which at first he knew not, and his error brings him to great confusion.

"In his life he lived unfaithfully to Me -- self-love having veiled the pupil of the most holy faith -- wherefore the Devil torments him with infidelity in order to bring him to despair. Oh! how hard for them is this battle, because it finds them disarmed, without the armor of affection and charity; because, as members of the Devil, they have been deprived of it all. Wherefore they have not the supernatural light, neither the light of science, because they did not understand it, the horns of their pride not letting them understand the sweetness of its marrow. Wherefore now in the great battle they know not what to do. They are not nourished in hope, because they have not hoped in Me, neither in the Blood of which I made them ministers, but in themselves alone, and in the dignities and delights of the world. And the incarnate wretch did not see that all was counted to him with interest, and that as a debtor he would have to render an account to Me; now he finds himself denuded and without any virtue, and on whichever side he turns he hears nothing but reproaches with great confusion. His injustice which he practiced in his life accuses him to his conscience, wherefore he dares not ask other than justice.

"And I tell you that so great is that shame and confusion that unless in their life they have taken the habit of hoping in My mercy, that is, have taken the milk of mercy (although on account of their sins this is great presumption, for you cannot truly say that he who strikes Me with the arm of My mercy has a hope in mercy, but rather has presumption), there is not one who would not despair, and with despair they would arrive with the Devil in eternal damnation." - The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Sienna


  1. Jeron4:46 PM

    Divine Mercy, I place all my trust in You!

  2. Jeron - This section from the Dialogue is regarding obstinate sinners - not you - remember, a saint is a sinner who keeps trying. You are a good boy!

  3. just me9:08 PM

    ...for you cannot truly say that he who strikes Me with the arm of My mercy has a hope in mercy, but rather has presumption...

    Could you please translate this phrase?


  4. Just me, it sounds particularily fearful, but again, it is in referense to obstinate sinners who love their sin, revel in their sin, but imagine God is mercy, without regard to his justice - it is the person who makes no effort, much less expresses desire through prayer and recourse to the sacraments, to obtain grace to reform. It is the person who lives a hedonistic, godless life, expecting to obtain mercy at the end. Undoubtedly this happens - St. Dismas is perhaps an example, but it is definitely not a sure way of salvation. Does that make sense?

  5. just me12:28 AM

    Thanks for the explanation. I have trouble finding a middle ground between trusting in His mercy and presuming His mercy. In a way, we are not to fall in the sin of presumption, but Jesus tells St. Faustina that we hurt Him so much when we do not trust in His mercy, which is the greatest atribute of God. It reminds me of what Don Marco said a few days ago, keep your soul in hell and do not despair, or sthing like that.


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