Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Commandments for motorists...

Is this a joke from Steve Carell's new movie, 'Evan Almighty'? Nope, it's a Vatican thing; 10 Commandments for motorists. One of them:
"The document's Fifth Commandment reads: "Cars shall not be for you an expression of power and domination, and an occasion of sin"." 10 Commandments for good motorists.
How's that going to go over with all the Lexus, Volvo, luxury car owners - and you big old SUV gas guzzlers, you?
Seriously, did you ever consider that your driving may be sinful, or at least an imperfection? Speeding down a side street - sin. Giving someone the finger while driving - sin. Rolling through stop signs - probably an imperfection. Driving drunk into a 7-11 Store (an Archbishop did that once) - big sin. Parking in the handicap zone without a permit - most likely a sin. Talking on your cell phone while driving - that's like a mortal sin. Combing your hair, putting on make-up, - sin. Tailgating - sin. Running red lights - sin. Eating and talking with your mouth full - driving or not - it's disgusting.
Gosh! That Vatican, now they are telling us how to drive.


  1. I was disappointed that the Vatican had to come out with this! I was living with a lax conscience related to driving, as you mentioned yesterday in your post over on AR2. I can no longer be a Mr. Hyde when I get in the car. Ironically enough, I heard about this on Relevant Radio when I was driving. Kind of ruined the ride home because I was then pretty self-conscious of my behavior.

  2. Anonymous3:45 PM

    You're funny! SF

  3. swissmiss: LOL!

    Seriously, don't they have more important documents to issue at the Vatican then this? Aren't they about 70 years behind the times? This document may have been more relevant when cars were first mass produced. 20 years from now they will issue the document on the 10 commandments of the Internet.

  4. Harvey4:13 PM

    Terry - Of all the bloggers who posted on this subject - and there were many, yours is by far the very best and funniest. Oh! Terry, you are so very funny, I laugh and laugh when you post funny things, and your serious reflections often reduce me to tears. Terry, I think you are the best blogger in the world. If only you could win a Pulitzer prize or something.

    Oh! I'm still laughing imagining the archbishop driving into a 7/11 store.


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