Sunday, June 03, 2007

Breaking News! Blogger admits to dressing like a slob for Mass!

News Bulletin:

(St. Paul, MN 6/3/07)
Today, fashion conservative, Cathy of Alexandria revealed that she hasn't always dressed like Jackie Kennedy when she attended Mass in the past. The local blogosphere has been reeling ever since the announcement, prompting Adoro te Devote to scream; "I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" (She had to be sedated.)

Ms. Cathy broke the news in a poignant editorial entitled, "Does blogging make you better?" Reprinted here is what she had to say for herself:
"I have been known, on more than one occasion, to go to Mass in jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. I've worn flip-flops to Mass before." - Cathy of Alexandria
(Shocking as the admission may be, all in all it is a thoughtful, if not provocative post, so be sure and check it out.)

Many in the blogging world are now speculating if Cathy may have started a new trend of "true confessions" in blog posts. Who will be next to "tell all"? Will Ray finally respond to the suspicions that he is a spy for a certain local Diocesan newspaper, commissioned to infiltrate the underworld of bloggers? Will the elusive Hadleys finally reveal that they spend hours watching re-runs of "Cheers" and "Will and Grace" and have never been to an opera in their entire lives? Will a certain Catholic blogger in Hollywood finally reveal she isn't an ex-nun but really Roger Ebert in drag? (He hasn't been on "Ebert and Roeper" for a long time you know.)

It will be interesting to see what develops from the ground breaking revelation made by Cathy of Alexandria today. (Oh, and she is not from Alexandria, Minnesota either...which is another misconception some people had - I doubt it was intentional on her part however.)

The truth comes out!
(Sorry Cathy, I couldn't help myself.)


  1. Will Terry admit...oh, wait, a minute, there's very little you have NOT admitted.

    Except I've yet to see you admit publicly that you wax your back. Ooops, shouldn't have said that. Oh, well, offer it up, Care Ter You Big Huggy Bear. But, really, you should think about it. I think a lot of hairy men could use the support.

  2. Cathy, I find it sooooooooo interesting that the other three bloggers mentioned have nothing to say.

    At least you and I are up front about our foibles.

    And I like back hair, BTW!

  3. They are probably calling their lawyers.

  4. You know, they didn't have to sedate me...and I have always been up front about my dress for Mass. Just check Cathy's previous post on the topic about that.

    They didn't sedate me...they only offered me a shiny object, which turned out to be a Monstrance, so I found myself in Adoration. Always preferable to engaging with media pundits such as yourselves.


  5. Yes Adoro I know - but isn't that prom dress getting kind of taattered? That wasn't a question.

  6. Terry...I never went to Prom.

    I thank God for that. What a useless waste of money. And I was only a bridesmaid once, and that dress doesn't fit you must have me confused with someone else.

    I actually prefer sackcloth and ashes. It looks better on me than taffeta.

  7. "Many in the blogging world are now speculating if Cathy may have started a new trend of "true confessions" in blog posts."

    Never happen! Too pompous, the lot of them. Of course, I have nothing to confess. Everyone already knows I'm bonkers.

  8. The good Mrs. Hadley will admit to "Cheers" in her misguided youth, but I am adamant in standing four-square behind "Hogan's Heroes" and "Top Cat."

    Now, if I were in a snarky mood, I might say that we've only been to the Minnesota Opera, which means we've never really been to the opera at all...



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