Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blogs I don't like...

" Are those pussy willows?" - Line from "Serial Mom"

In an email to a friend, I referred to blogs I don't like as "pussy blogs" inspired by the character, Dottie Henkle from the movie "Serial Mom" - she is the woman Kathleen Turner's title character tormented. Today I suddenly remembered the term, "Puseyism" - of course I would know that - which happens to be another name for "Tractarianism", and I realized my reference wasn't all that crazy. (I do not mean this to reflect unfavorably upon the venerable Oxford Movement in the Anglican Church, which deserved high praise; after all, it led Cardinal Newman to communion with the Roman Church.) Here is the definition of Tractarianism:
"The religious opinions and principles of the founders of the Oxford movement, put forth in a series of 90 pamphlets entitled Tracts for the Times, published at Oxford, England (1833–1841)."
Of course my meaning is not remotely the same, but it's nice to know the term has been used before - even though it's the surname of a man and is spelled differently. Henceforth I will spell it as Pusey (American pronunciation).
Pusey blogs /'pus-e/ n (2007) [derived from, Edward Bouverie Pusey] (Not to be confused with legitimate Puseyism) Weblogs that are officious, elitist, smug, arrogant, derivative, pompous, gossip based, querulous, omniscient, derisive, and so on.


  1. Jeron8:01 AM

    LOL ... Terry's got his stick out & stirring the sh!tpot.

  2. Can you give us an example? Oh, no, never mind.....

  3. No, by all means, I'm curious. Spill the beans.

  4. People will find out. The following post refers to one, it is named "Wild Reed".

  5. Of course, numbers 2,4,6, and 8 could be applied to me, without my argueing. ;)

  6. Jeffrey and Elena - your blogs are not on the list.

  7. I never know anymore. If I get one more attack from any direction I'm quitting.


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