Saturday, June 02, 2007

American paranoia.

In the United States, it seems pretty darn obvious many of us live in dread of getting sick - or living with an illness. Have you ever noticed all the healthcare commercials, and drug ads that run on television? Of course you have, you Advil popping hypochondriac you.

We are so scared to death of the next plague or epidemic, we can barely sleep. The infectious-TB-globe-trotting-Romeo story certainly betrays some one's hysterical fears. If you didn't see Dianne Sawyer's interview on ABC's Good Morning America with the guy, here is a snippet from the print story:
"In an exclusive interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, tuberculosis patient Andrew Speaker said he never thought others were at risk for catching his deadly disease.

"I'm very sorry for any grief or pain that I have caused anyone," Speaker said from his isolation room in the National Jewish Hospital in Denver. "I think if people look at my life, that's not … not how I live my life.'" - ABC News
Don't get me wrong, Andrew Speaker, knowingly or unknowingly, probably acted irresponsibly. Yet so did the authorities involved. So maybe blame "fate".
Some day, the world is sure to encounter a pandemic, probably spread by airline travel. However, this TB story just seems to highlight the richest country in the world's neurosis over health and mortality. This, in a country where over a million abortions a year are performed. (Does anyone else see the irony here?)

Oh! The humanity!

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  1. What this society wants is to live risk free. We cannot possible have that, but our weak, whiney, immature culture wants to be rich without working hard, wants unfettered and free access to healthcare and NO RISK in life whatsoever.

    When Rome fell, they had become lazy, fat and slovenly...sound familiar?


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