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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why I would want to meet Bill Clinton

That was a question in response to the meme I recently completed.

I think Bill (may I call him Bill?) is an interesting man. He is highly educated, and intelligent, but seems to me to be pretty down to earth. He is funny - I loved it when he was with a drunk Yeltsin, laughing so hard at what he was saying, tears were rolling down his cheeks. I like a guy who can crack up laughing.

I am not happy about his pro-choice politics however, but I know many people who believe just as he does. I'm sure I'd appeal to him to reconsider his position. I think meeting him would help me discern if he was so evil as to really believe murdering children was a woman's right.

That aside, I would ask him about his childhood, his mom, and compare notes with him about my own. I'd try to find out if his bouts with sexual addiction were due to abuse, or the example of his mother. I'd like to ask him if his dishonesty was something learned from his parents or is it just part of the easy corruption of Southern-Bible-banger politics?

Then I'd probe him on what it means to him to be famous along with his incredible concern for his legacy - is it because he grew up poor? Does he have an inner experience of feeling less than adequate, and needs to exalt himself? Is his ambition, and craving for power, money and influence due to deep seated feelings of being white trash? I'd also ask him, because he likes Barbara Streisand so much, if he has a gay streak in him. On that topic, I'd ask why he married Hilary? (I don't want to meet her.)

I suppose to get him to talk, we'd have to smoke something, but we wouldn't inhale. We all have our faults, but for the most part, he seems like a nice guy.


  1. You know, I never understood what the fuss was about not inhaling. I've smoked a pipe since 1980 and never inhaled. Of course, with pot, that sort of defeats the purpose.

  2. georgette6:35 PM

    I'd also ask him, because he likes Barbara Streisand so much, if he has a gay streak in him. On that topic, I'd ask why he married Hilary? (I don't want to meet her.)

    LOL! I wouldn't want to meet her, either (although I fear she will be our next president).

    I used to have an elderly neighbor who always would say that she thought old Bill was gay -- one of the reasons being because he married Hillary! I don't know if she knew about his taste for Barbra Streisand, however; if she did, I'm sure that would have cinched it in her mind!

    If you do get to meet Clinton, you could do this great expose' and sell it to all the tabloids! Or better yet, you could start the first Catholic tabloid!!

  3. The Vatican Enquirer?

  4. Terry: If you want to meet Slick Willie, take me with you. By all accounts, I'm his type: dark hair, fair skin, voluptuous. You might have a better shot. I may even wear a red beret.

  5. Geez Terry,

    I wouldn't do it - he might ask you if you can take a punch...

    Even worse, he might sic the Mrs. on you!!!!!


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