Wednesday, April 25, 2007


  1. Jeron8:18 AM

    Terry you are hysterical! Where on earth did you used to work and what did you do?!

  2. Jeron1:47 PM

    And you obviously left on some bad terms, eh? What ... lemme guess ... the music rack with Haugen & Haas kept mysteriously overturning? No explanation was ever found as to how and why Richard Rohr's books kept igniting?

  3. Jeron2:11 PM

    Well I hope you land(ed) on your feet. :)

  4. Terry,

    This was a big misunderstanding on my part, they in no way were out to hurt me or try to fade my job out. I didn't understand what I was being told, I should of asked questions. I should have never said anything until I cleared the air. They are good people, they are trying to run a business and provide a service to millions of Catholics who are searching for the truth and have no where else to turn. They provide jobs for many people who otherwise might not be employed. Communication is KEY, and a lack of it hurts a lot of people, no matter how well intentioned or righteous we think we are, if there was a misunderstanding it needs to be cleared up, because it causes pain to others. I have caused unnecessary pain to people I care about, not out of malicious, but out of a lack of communication that played on my fear and was feed by hype. Please retract what you have said here, they are good people. ~Sara

  5. Hi Sara, Thanks for the clarification - I will check with the person who told me about this - they seemed to know what they were talking about, so I will ask them to check their facts - even though two of them told me when they couldn't access my blogs from work last week and that there were some other problems with internet access. Did someone think you told me this?

    I must say the company you work for does indeed offer excellent Catholic product - it is a beautiful and wonderful apostolate! I wish I could work there! I've heard they are all rather saintly people, providing employment for those no one else would hire, etc.

    You are so fortunaate to be able to work for that company - it's so unlike the company where I was formerly employed.

    Would you check and see if they have any openings? And maybe put in a good word for me? I think I'd like to work for them. Tell them I have management skills, a marketing background, and I'm pretty good on a computer as well. Thanks.

  6. Fly on the wall5:15 PM

    Wouldn't it have been easier for them just to have paid you your vacation pay?


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