Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tested again and again...

Many tests today to find out what's wrong with me...
Of course they don't tell you and one has to wait to hear from the Dr. to know the complete diagnosis. Although, there is evidence of kidney the possible designated culprit in my collapse a few days ago.
The prostate thing is still not clearing up, although the heart thing is getting better. No hospital stays are in the offing, praise God! My Dr. asked me why I am so adamant not to go into the hospital, I told him I can't leave my cats alone. (If I learn I have something terminal, they are coming with me.)
My friends who imagine I like drugs because of my strange sense of humor about them, will be surprised to note that I refused two prescriptions for pain relief. No kidding!
How very un-Carmelite of me to post about my health. I apologize.
I intend to be back to work tomorrow.
Keep me in your prayers that I may be found worthy of the promises of Chrst at the hour of my death.


  1. Terry: Praying for you-big time.

  2. You're in my prayers, Terry.

  3. Don Marco7:09 AM

    Dearest Terry, Here I am at Dublin International Airport thinking of you! I offered Holy Mass in the church across the road from the airport this morning and commemorated you at the Memento (of the LIVING!) Waiting now for our flight to Rome, the last piece of this very long journey. A priest came up to me in the airport and told me how happy it made him to see another priest (in ecclesiastical attire) here. He went on about the dire state of the Church in Ireland, the growing disaffection of the people for the Faith of their Fathers, and the crisis in priestly vocations. "Pray for Ireland," he said several times. So I did, both at Mass and in the rosaryy that followed. Thirty years ago this airport would have been crawling with priests and religious. Now, there is not a single one in sight other than my traveling companion and myself. The Church is conspicuous by her invisibility here. One senses that "Catholic Ireland" is slipping fast into indifference, materialism, and paganism. Blessed Abbot Marmion, pray for the land of yourbirth that it may again become the Isle of Saints!

  4. You are in my prayers Terry and I volunteer to be a "cat-sitter" if need be, even if I have to "offer it up."

    I could use the discipline.

    I'm adding Ireland, the land of my Mom's grandparents, to my prayers also. Per Don Marco


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