Monday, January 08, 2007

Something Fishy, Conspiracy Theory #4

"Finally... it has happened... to me... right in front of my face... and I just can not hide it" -CeCe Peniston

Homogenizing homosexuality within the Catholic Church and culture, from the top down, is it happening right in front of our face in Los Angeles and elsewhere? That gay fish pin story just doesn't go away. Lump it together with all the speculation of recent years that there is a homosexual subculture in the Church, what is a person to think?

More on the fish story:

Contrary to Sacred Tradition, Cardinal Roger Mahony's Archdiocese of Los Angeles 'Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Catholics' [MLGC], under his Episcopal authority, has robbed this ancient symbol of its sacredness, mutating and deforming the Christian Eucharistic fish symbol into a profane external sign of the homosexual subculture.

Cardinal Mahony instructs his nearly 5 million Catholic members to "see in the [gay] fish pin a sign of recognition of our lesbian and gay sisters and brothers." Is Cardinal Mahony trying to hook his already desensitized laity with this fishy bait?

The Cardinal is perversely distorting a once holy and revered symbol used not only by the early Christians but today's Christians as well. Through the gift of the same Sacred Tradition the Apostles received from Christ, the early Christians recognized one another in the image of the fish during the persecution of their Church. - Barbara Kralis Renew America

The above snippet is from an extremely well researched and documented article by Barbara Kralis, brought to my attention at Roman Catholic Blog.

What else can I say? If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck, even if it has rainbow feathers.

[As regards fish however...what will feminists think when they discover "fish" was a late 20th century vulgarity used by homosexuals in reference to women? It could be another conspiracy thing maybe...well, probably shouldn't get their conspiracy theories all mixed up.]



  1. Terry said...

    " Lump it together with all the speculation of recent years that there is a homosexual subculture in the Church, what is a person to think?"

    SPECULATION??!! "...what is a person to think?"

    That it is OBVIOUSLY NOT speculation. How many more law suits does one need to see bancrupting our Church because of the so-called-pedophiles? They are not pedophiles they are homosexuals. It's right in our faces and we still talk of "speculation"?!!

  2. Terry said...

    "I know.!"

    Oh...never mind.

  3. Long-skirts,

    Checked out your blog - your poetry is really good!

    I think I know what you mean - it's an actual problem, no question about it...

    I've posted this before - it is a particularly heinous crime before God & man, as the men involved should be of the highest moral fiber, strengthened by the Holy Spirit, & simply know better!

    They are, however, not the only ones who have taken advantage of their positions. In the past ten years, a Catholic priest, a first grade teacher from a Protestant school, & a high-paid public school superintendant, MARRIED WITH FIVE CHILDREN!!!
    were all arrested (within a ten-mile radius) for taking advantage of their charges. & btw, the board of ed claimed they did NOTHING WRONG by allowing the superintendant to remain in his position, after they'd heard rumors of complaints.

    This hierarchy of a non-religious nature, claiming they were blameless - interesting, isn't it?

    Ergo, my conclusion is, it is MOST DIFFICULT when confronted with the POSSIBLE HEINOUS SINS/CRIMES OF ANOTHER... This is my opinion - although I do believe that when it comes to such sins/crimes against children or youths, pressing charges is the way to go - redemption can be achieved behind bars - it's happened before. I believe these men are predators, who purposely take these positions where they will have the opportunities to commit these crimes. There are some who disagree with me, claiming that these priests are emotionally immature, while I maintain they are men who prey on the young, & take these positions in order to do so... we are a large Christian religion, so we probably have more offenders than say the Boy Scouts, as that group would be smaller in numbers.

    Just my opine. Terry, I thing you might disagree with me, but my gut instinct tells me these men are predators. In the confessional, they should be refused absolution until they receive help - it is too heinous a sin/crime as Jesus stated. And, even if they're victims are teens & not little children, it is still too disgusting for words... I'm surprised they don't sport a lot of black-eyes for their efforts...

    forgive me for the rant.


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