Tuesday, January 09, 2007

People's Choice Awards...

It was on. I watched a portion of it. I hated it.
A couple of days ago people were critical of this painting I posted depicting Angelina Jolie as an object of veneration, by artist Katie Kretz . A friend who protested the painting and celebrity publicity, said that if the tabloids disappeared from the supermarket, no one would miss them nor the celebrities they promote. I had to disagree.
If you watched the People's Choice Awards tonight, you know how right-on this artist was in painting the piece. There is most definitely a cult of celebrity. And the "People" make really poor choices for their entertainment.
This awards show represents "popular" culture. These celebrities are "popular" cult figures.
And some people want us to elect our president by "popular" vote! Can you imagine?


  1. Terry: I could not agree more. I've never liked the People's Choice Awards. I always end up despising my fellow Americans who vote for the crap that wins. Not a very Christian attitude so I stay away.

    I heard Halle Berry made a big impression with whatever it was that she was NOT wearing.

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  3. I thinking of the 1st post you did featuring this painting while I was home sick watching The Majestic.There was a scene when Harry was telling "Luke" about the movies and how the actors are God and the screen was thier Olympus, and the public uses their lives and adventures to escape their own.

  4. You are right, of course, about the celebrity cult in America. The painting seems to me to be placing Angelina Jolie in a position that belongs to the Blessed Virgin Mary, that of the Assumption. How sad that an actess is portrayed on the sme level as the Blessed Mother of God.


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