Sunday, January 07, 2007

One last 13th Night silliness:

I got my very first tag since blogging! From The Crescat ! (I added a couple of categories.)

It's a film meme. "You love me! You really, really love me!" (Oh! Sally Fields, shut the hell up!)

Your Favorite Film?

Zeferelli's "Romeo and Juliet" - I've always been in love with Olivia Hussey!

Your Favorite Film Priest?

Montgomery Clift, in "I Confess".

Your Favorite Film Nun?

How could you even ask this? Audrey Hepburn, "The Nun's Story"!

Your Favorite Religious Movie?

"Song of Bernadette" "I did see her! I did see her!"

Your Favorite Comedy?

"Waiting For Gufman" I did not realize Corky was Christopher Guest and I thought he was just a really gay actor.

Your Favorite Action Film?

"My Dinner With Andre"

Your Favorite Thriller?

Yeah, that would be the "Thriller" video by Michael Jackson.

Your Favorite Foreign Film?

"A Man and a Woman" - I'm old.

Favorite "Alternative" Lifestyle Film?

"The Bird Cage" I agreed with the Senator, I also thought Mrs. Coleman a wonderful woman.

Your Favorite Animal Film?

"Babe" I love that pig!

Your Favorite Animated Film?

"Bambi" of course.

Your Favorite "B" Movie?

"Beaches" - I'm so kidding.

Your Favorite "Newer" "B" Movie?

All of the "Scream" series.

Your Favorite Black Comedy Film? (As In Humor.)

"Mommie Dearest", with "Serial Mom" a close second.

Your favorite Period Film?


Your Favorite Biblical Film?

"The Passion of the Christ"

In your opinion, the most important film in Cinematic history?

"Moonstruck" I know! Wasn't Cher great!

Oh! Yeah! I tag Rhapsody, Adoro, Cathy, and Ray!


  1. Lady Fett11:46 PM

    "In your opinion, the most important film in Cinematic history?"

    The Matrix. It shows us what's really going on. YAY! (:

  2. Thanks for the tag!

    I never tagged you? Sheesh! I musta been sleeping, being so serene & all...

  3. Terry: What do ya mean you've never been tagged?!?. Remember the Christmas meme that I tagged you with and you actually did? I think you are testing er, teasing me.

  4. Cathy! I do remember! I do remember!
    Must have been the ahlzhiemer thing again.

  5. Terry, DAHling!

    I tagged you back in August:


  6. Must I list the several tags that I threw at you that you ignored? That's when I began to send all my tags by registered mail. And that costs extra, believe you me!

    I don't see a lot of movies, so I'll have to stretch on this one.

    Hey, has anybody noticed (1) that I've been posting a bit again, using my borrowed computer and (2) that when you post, if like my you got sucked into the trap where I have to prove who I am on all my posts by going through the word verification rigamarole, but today, Once it accepted one word, on all my subsequent posts, it gave me the same word. I wonder if that works if you want to leave comments a more than one blogger blog?

    Good Heavens, I just paged down and see that Blogger doesn't recognize me again. I'll try the "other" route. That might work quickly.


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