Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More on Conspiracy Theory #5

This is just going to get bigger - just like that fishy stuff going on in Los Angeles...

Rorate Caeli posted a link to First Things (after Robert Miller linked to him in his article) regarding an analysis of the Wieglus events in Poland. New Catholic wrote:

"We believe that Prof. Robert Miller's analysis of the events at First Things, with a kind link to us, presents an accurate portrayal of the deep Vatican problems related to the Wielgus Affair, particularly the disastrous process of episcopal nominations, centered in the Congregation for Bishops." - Rorate Caeli

I think I was on to something in last night's post, JPII - What Did He Know?

New Catholic prefaced his quote from First Things with this disclaimer:

"Let us remind our critics that we had not published a single word on Wielgus in December 2006 - because we had trusted the first note issued by the Holy See, according to which the "Holy See ... took into consideration all the circumstances of his life, including those regarding his past" and the "Holy Father... nourishes full trust in Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus and, in full awareness, has entrusted him with the mission of pastor of the Archdiocese of Warsaw". " - Rorate Caeli

And then New Catholic finishes with this from First Things:

"The concluding paragraph of Miller's text is particularly appropriate:

'Now, either the Vatican knew about Wielgus' past when it appointed him, as Wielgus says and as the Vatican's statement in December strongly suggests, or else it did not, as Re now maintains. If the former, then the Vatican's investigation of Wielgus prior to the appointment was grossly negligent, failing to discover information that was readily available in Poland. If the latter, as seems much more likely, then the Holy See exercised very poor judgment in making the appointment in the first place and even worse judgment in attempting to ram it through even after the truth about Wielgus became public. It stood by Wielgus while it knew he was lying to the faithful by denying the allegations. Many faithful Catholics looking at this situation will think that our bishops, rather than their critics, are the ones doing the real harm to the Church here.'" - Rorate Caeli
See! It happens!

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  1. a non-catholic7:12 PM

    Is it not true that some regional appointments in the Catholic Church sometimes are political, or even a reward for services rendered? Obviously not all bishops are appointed for their holiness.


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