Tuesday, January 09, 2007

John Paul II - what did he know?

Did John Paul really know who he appointed as bishops and archbishops? One can't really expect the pope to know everything about everyone who marches up the ranks of Church hierarchy, can he? He would have to trust those promoting the candidates. Some say JPII wasn't interested in the minutiae of day to day business in the Vatican; yet appointing bishops certainly must have concerned him.
I came across an interesting article on WorldNet Daily - not in reference to the Polish Archbishop who last Sunday resigned over allegations he was a Communist spy - rather about the homosexual infiltration in the Church. JPII, as I've said before, was very sophisticated and politically savvy, so I'm sure he knew about the "spy-priests" - or did he? Of course he was not responsible the recent Wieglus' appointment as Archbishop. Nevertheless, I suspect he had to know about what was going on in his homeland, especially as concerned his priests. Although, this from WorldNet on the homosexual thing, may apply to the espionage matter.

"Posted: May 2, 2005

The reason Catholic Church leadership includes homosexuals is because John Paul II refused to believe reports that potential clergy held that orientation – a mistake that will not be repeated by Pope Benedict XVI, says geopolitical expert Jack Wheeler.

In a column on his intelligence website, To the Point, Wheeler explains that a Vatican source disclosed to him why John Paul discounted the charge of homosexuality.

"Whenever Vatican investigators brought the results of their vetting process regarding an individual's candidacy for bishop, cardinal or other office, and they revealed he was a homosexual, John Paul II would refuse to believe it," he writes.

"He did so because accusing someone of homosexuality was a standard practice of the Communist government in his native Poland regarding anyone it regarded as an enemy of the state. From his ordination as a Catholic priest in 1946 to elevation to Archbishop of Krakow in 1963 and Cardinal in 1967, the then Karol Wojtyla witnessed this personal destruction repeatedly. So traumatized, he summarily dismissed such accusations as pope, and would approve the elevation of anyone so accused. "

Wheeler says that's why the church is "riddled" with homosexuals today." - WorldNet Daily

Of course, I don't know how factual this report is, however it seems reasonable - although, I like to think doubtful. If it is true, could the same dynamic have been at work as regards the man
recently presented for Episcopal installation from Poland, accused of working for the Communist party? Maybe it is a continuing practice in the Vatican. That may explain the approval for Wieglus' appointment - which he has now resigned.
And, this may explain many appointments, even on the diocesan level...
Someone in authority must know about these people though! Gosh, I hear all the petty gossip - even about priests who habitually oversleep and miss their morning Mass, while the "nun in charge" has to do a Liturgy of the Word with Communion when it happens. So how can this big stuff be overlooked?
Conspiracy Theory #5!


  1. Another theory: Is it also possible that JPII refused to believe priests were homosexuals because he came from a time and a place when homosexuality was almost unheard of?

    Not saying homosexuality was not happening in Poland but I"m sure it was far into the closet.

  2. michael6:24 PM

    It's preposterous to believe that JPII was unaware of the homosexual population in the church. He knew all about it when he was in Poland; and he knew about it when he was in Rome. He knew he had such a population at every level in the church, from anonymous cloistered choir monks & nuns dutifully observing the hours, and diocesan priests & sisters staffing the parishes and schools, right up to those who served him in the Vatican. He sent a "Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons"(penned by J. Ratzinger) in 1986. Can anyone honestly believe that JPII naively refused to believe that there was such a thing as a homosexual priest, when he sent this kind of guidance to his bishops? (I believe there was also another, earlier, directive from late 70's or early 80's, specifically aimed at the priest, but I can't seem to locate it right now.)

  3. Therese6:58 AM

    I have found it difficult to understand myself...the Holy Father knew more about sexuality and the how a person is damaged by sexual dysfunction of any kind--it still makes no sense to me personally that he would appointment anyone who was at this level of dysfunction to minister to us. I don't understand it and I never will...homosexuality isn't just about the actual sex act but how we realate to other's and as difficult as it is to relate to each other as men and women if we add in homosexuality--it is just about impossible. The harm that so many have suffered--I don't mean because of molestation--(that is of course obvious!) but the harm that has been to the ordinary person in the pew--has to be incalculable. My spelling?!
    The whole idea of the Christian life with others is to heal ourselves not just for what it does for our own life but how we effect others if we are not healed...except when it comes to homosexuality??!! Doesn't make sense. This is a mystery to me!

  4. Did John Paul really know who he appointed as bishops and archbishops?

    I've been wondering this ever since we got Cardinal Mahoney.

  5. Good for people to know.


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