Wednesday, December 13, 2006

White Christmas...

Or Kwanza - I'm so kidding - that's a pretend holiday, isn't it - it was made up in the '70's I think? (Or maybe later?)

Anyway, we have no snow in Minnesota - I don't think anyone else in the country has much white stuff either.

At my Store, sales are brisk - however - if we had snow, sales would be better.

Yep! Snow gets people all holiday verklempft. They are so apt to buy more and buy nostalgic or romantic - and expensive - when there is snow. People get in the mood, and go over-board. They want to be out in it and buy those special gifts - it's just so Christmassy. Even if you're one of those hard-hearted, jaded, spoiled, princesses from one of the affluent suburbs, you're taken in by the snow. (Even the urban Scrooge gets a bit kinder and gentler when there is snow.)

The emotionality of snow and holiday lights...ah! How it makes those registers ring!

Today it was in the upper 40's - very warm and balmy - we were slow in the Store - steady, but a tad slow.

We so need snow - even just for people to be nice - so far, people haven't been that nice this season - including me I guess.

I rush to add this - :) And, Happy Holidays - no matter what you call them! (Why do people think we need snow for Christmas anyway? Did Hollywood do that?)

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  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    No snow in sight here either......60's today.

    Photo shows Vera-Ellen, a cousin of my late fathers with the same last name. (Other actress in that film was also from the same area. I couldn't stand her in that film - or ever, for that matter.) Vera-Ellen was a gorgeous & glamorous starlet, whose set of legs are justly celebrated; her life seems ready-made for a big-screen treatment - youngest dancing Rockette, discovery & Hollywood stardom, anorexia, "smallest waist in Hollywood", (notice her neck is usually covered because of supposed premature aging), famous marriages ending in divorce, long relationship with Rock Hudson. What more does one need? .... just someone to write the screenplay....

    Sorry for the digression. I'm the one usually requesting more monk stuff...


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