Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So, I just got back from the Doctor

Pictured, my Doctor - well he looks exactly like this. (It's really Richard Roeper.)
I returned to my previous Internist - same diagnosis - but he is so much better than the new guy I was seeing. And I can call him Jeff - he's very informal. He knows me so well though, he said, "I don't even have to ask if you are smoking."

Then he told me how serious my condition is, and I told him I knew that. He asked if I wanted to do anything about it and I said no and he said okay. So we are taking care of everything with meds. I don't have to do any tests! Yay!

I like Jeffie.

I stopped going to his clinic because I had found another one closer to home. That Dr. was like a protestant minister and his Chinese nurse was like Mao's wife. Very strict people. Never listened to the patient at all. Jeffie is so opposite. His nurse is a big black woman and we talked about the new "Dream Girls" movie and she said not to worry - the one who has Jennifer Holiday's role is going to be fantastic. (She was thrilled I had seen Ms. Holiday on Broadway.)

I got my flu shot as well. The nurse said if I got sick from it that means I already had been infected. Crap - no excuse to call in sick. JUST KIDDING - THAT WOULD BE A LIE - AND I DON'T LIE! (Well, my profile picture might be a dissimulation - it could be me however! I've been told - when I was younger - that I looked like him - so I'm claiming the pic!)

While we are on the topic of calling in sick...
"Good Morning America" had a spot on it yesterday I think. With the do's and dont's and other creative suggestions. (They should really do a segment on how Americans are getting to be more deceptive, lacking, or better put, screwed up in the realm of ethics, and increasingly more self-centered and indulgent, believing their every whim is a constitutional right.) I'm thinking calling in sick is a pandemic in our work-a-day world. Some people do it a lot - and they were seen out and about on their sick days - like on a picnic or at a theater, even in a bar. (The guy in the bar got canned.)
Many people do not realize that it is a lie, and when abused, a form of theft from the company. Even when you are not paid for sick days, it's a lack of charity towards other coworkers and the employer - you are taking advantage of their charity in allowing you to be off. Sick day abusers affect the morale of other workers, as well as attitude. It causes the employer to no longer trust a person. And the guilt ridden faker comes back and gets all worked up because no one will talk to them - or finds out they have been talked about.
It's just not a good work ethic.
I always tell my direct reports never to lie to me - if they need time off, I can make arrangements - but don't lie. I hate lies.


  1. Hope you're okay- I'm glad that your condition can be treated with meds, & that you like your doctor...

    Is that Kevin Kline? It looks like him, but I can't quite tell-

  2. Hi again-

    Try changing the font- I'll be right back- I'm going to go check what they offer...

  3. Back...

    try Tahoma or Georgia- they might fit-

    otherwise it's trial & error:)

  4. No - it's NOT Kevin Klein - it's me.

    O! My! Gosh! Rhapsody - my nose is growing longer!

  5. Terry: I hope you are alright too. I'll pray for you this evening.


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