Thursday, December 28, 2006


His execution may happen as soon as Saturday.
It isn't right to let him pass without comment. Everyone has their own opinion of course, I just hope the Christian opinion will not be biased by media or popular sentiment.
News is that his execution will be videotaped. Mussolini was photographed hanging after his execution. Video taping his death seems rather uncivilized. He has not been treated well since his capture, many undignified photos of him have blanketed media, even in his underwear, or footage of Saddam unshaven while his teeth were examined. The Vatican has protested all along. After all, he was head of State.
Sources in the Vatican (Cardinal Martino) are against his execution. If there was a way to allow him to live without influencing others toward violence or to obtain his freedom and restoration to power, I would prefer his life to be spared. Despite the brutalities and mass murders of his regime. For what it is worth, when he ruled, Iraq experienced a form of peace - at least Christians were free to worship.
Nevertheless, he will be executed, and sadly, I do not believe his execution unjustified - yet I cannot cheer it on. As Christians, I hope everyone prays for him. It is unusual that we know of a person's death before it occurs, except in the case of those we put to death, I hope everyone will pray for the soul of Saddam - especially the Divine Mercy chaplet, as Our Lord requested for the dying.
Gerald from "The Cafeteria Is Closed" has a post about Martino's opposition to Saddam's death sentence.


  1. You are correct - Jesus told us to pray for everyone, not just family & friends...

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I think it significant that in a letter, Saddam urged his people not to hate the invaders - that would be the U.S.

  3. Very good post. It reminds us all of the Christian compassion of Christ.

  4. Terry: This morning when the radio was trumpeting and gloating over Saddam's upcoming execution I could not help but recall that as Christians we are called to pray for him.

    I'm glad you put it in writing. Thank you.

  5. Therese7:47 PM

    I never understand dancing in the streets or any sort of glee over the death of a killer or other evil committing person. It would somehow be icky to the victims. I think silence and a prayer for the killer and the victims is what is right.
    However I do not understand letting them have their way when they are unrepentant. When my child is unrepentant there is automatic humiliation involved...they are told how they don't get to participate in what they want, why they don't and it is PUBLIC. My little girl bit my older boy (drew blood!!) and she received humiliations until she acted repentant. I don't know if she was inside her little heart but she acted it and so far....4 years later no more bites. I wish I could have been there..."yes you will wear a hood..." "no you cannot carry the Koran since you desecrated it" There will not be any final words acting like what you have to say is important...unless they are I am sorry, I ask God who is great to forgive me...I find all this stuff ridiculous and celebratory of evil...and cruel to the victims. Humiliation is GOOD and proper to those who will not be humiliated. The head of a state! My word!


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