Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Pope on Gays

"Homosexuals hurt themselves."

Pictured, Albrecht Durer, "The Men's Baths"

"In his most powerful statements to date on issues involving sexual morality, Pope Benedict XVI said homosexuals end up destroying themselves so the Church has a duty to speak out on moral issues that affect the very spiritual and physical lives of man.

"In seeking to emancipate himself from his body (from the 'biological sphere'), [man] ends up by destroying himself," the pope told cardinals, archbishops, bishops and members of the Roman Curia last week in a traditional meeting overlooked by most of the world's press. "Against those who say that 'the Church should not involve herself in these matters,' we can only respond: does man not concern us too? The church and believers must raise their voices to defend man, the creature who, in the inseparable unity of body and spirit, is the image of God."
- World Net Daily

Most homosexuals will fail to see the compassion in the Holy Father's words, as they fail to understand the teaching of the Church as regards homosexuality, in both the Catechism and various episcopal statements on the problem so mysteriously prevalent in contemporary times.

Many gay people would assert that homophobic tendencies in culture, and society are what hurts homosexual persons. Evidence of discrimination, gay bashing, and alienation would be their criteria in support of this claim.

When AIDs first appeared in the early 1980's, there was a huge denial amongst most gays that there could be any relationship to homosexual sex, and if there was, conspiracy theories abounded as to who was really infecting people. Gradually, places of free-range sex were closed, gay bathhouses were closed down, and gay public sex meeting places were policed. Homosexuals themselves began a campaign for safe sex, such as condom distribution and use, mutual or group sex that did not involve penetration or sharing bodily fluids, etc.

With the advent of new medications, persons with HIV found they could live longer and healthier. The plague mentality waned, and many, especially the young, thought the worst was over, or at least, the disease became more manageable. Sex gradually became freer and more unsafe, and infections once again began to rise.

Most likely, this will be what public opinion will assume the Holy Father is referring to - destruction of gay persons through STD's. I highly doubt the Holy Father was being so simplistic and superficial in his statement.

So how does a homosexual destroy himself? We concentrate all of our values upon the here and now. Hence, HIV and AIDS aside, if we look for how a homosexual can destroy himself, we may find other more obvious means, when we examine the lifestyle and values of gay culture.

As a sex based lifestyle, gay culture exalts physical beauty to the point of idolatry. Almost every attractive male becomes a sexualized, or romanticized object. Homosexual literature and publications are the clearest example of this predacious inclination, pornography is normative in the homosexual subculture. In this sense, homosexuality debases and dehumanizes sexuality. This erotic 'love' withers the soul, and diminishes the human spirit.

Depression, chemical dependency, compulsive behaviors often accompany this disintegration - even in the best of homosexual persons - the most balanced and functional. The widespread use of anti-depressants and prescription sleep aids may often take the place of drug abuse or alcoholism, yet there remains the underlying problem. Again, societal marginalization or prejudice may be claimed as the reason for this psychological imbalance - what they like to refer to as homophobia. Yet, even in a perfect world of total acceptance and all that goes along with that, such as gay marriage, adoption of children, freedom to be promiscuous, etc. - even in this situation, there would remain an underlying, fundamental discontent. That is because homosexual sex is intrinsically disordered, no matter how romanticised or emotionally captivating. And the acts are DOA - dead on arrival - they are always unproductive ( not life generating), except in the sense of selfish sensual gratification.

Ultimately, and this is controversial, homosexuals destroy themselves the more they force their lifestyle choice upon the public, disrupting the common good. Nature rebels against any perversion, and there is inevitably a natural consequence, even chastisement, for sin . The Church warns against any discrimination or persecution of homosexual persons, and has spoken out against these evils and resulting violence. The Church compassionately invites homosexual persons to conversion of life, to share fully in the sacramental life of the Church, and thus to inherit eternal life.

Which leads me to the conclusion that the Holy Father, when saying homosexuals destroy themselves, he must ultimately be referring to one's eternal salvation. All the evils I refer to are nothing compared to the loss of one's immortal soul.

Of course, I'm just a blogger, and I've only read an article about what the Holy Father said, I do not know his mind, nevertheless this is my take on his statement. Although I do believe, one's active rejection of the teaching of the Church and the commandments, while embracing and advocating an illicit lifestyle, for the sake of some semblance of happiness in this life can indeed result in the loss of heaven and the pains of hell for all eternity. In this sense, even the successful, happy and well adjusted homosexual can destroy himself.


  1. Mark from Ohio8:23 AM

    This is such an important message to proclaim, yet the odds against it being heard seem almost insurmountable. It amounts to a frontal assault on one of the key foundation stones of the culture of death.
    I lived that lifestyle for more than two decades. It was so seductive! I was totally caught upin the glammour, the romance, the aesthetics. It is a dead-end.

    Now, everywhere I look all the forces of popular cuture are lined up to lure vulnerable young people into the abyss.

    Now I know that I will never have any chance of real happiness or wholeness in this world. I can only hope that somehow, with God's mercy, I will find true freedom and peace in the world to come.

    But, with all my heart, I wish there were some way to warm young men and women away from the road that so many thousands of them are so blindly headed down. Please, allof you, pray for them. Pray every day.It is one of the great tragedies of our time.

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I do not think that this is a unique problem for gays, but rather all who have bought into the "sexual revolution" (which are most all of us, to some degree, in this culture) are victims of a terrible and destructive seduction.

    for at least the past 40 years just as many "straight" people have bought into the same agenda and many many more are suffering the terrible consequences.

    i have always thought that it was for this purpose that the Virgin of Fatima warned the children of the horrors of the sins of impurity. more than the communist threat perhaps she was warning us of the great destruction that was to come from the sexual revolution?

    We know that pride is the "greatest" of sins. but because of our brokeness and weakness, sexual sins are the easiest and most seductive way for us to start down a path of darkness, bondage and slavery of pride. lust does not really care if we are gay or straight, and once we fall into its grip it will enslave us until all that is beautiful and sacred in us is sucked out of us and we are left as empty shells.

  3. Mark, You wrote,
    "Now I know that I will never have any chance of real happiness or wholeness in this world. I can only hope that somehow, with God's mercy, I will find true freedom and peace in the world to come."

    I know...yet there is a peace and joy that everyone can find in communion with Jesus - his blood makes souls virginal once again, Archbishop Martinez wrote that somewhere.

    Remember how Our Lady told Lucia that her Immaculate Heart would be her refuge and way that leads her to God. Our Lady does console us in our penance.

  4. Holy Mother of God, place me in the enclosed garden of your Immaculate Heart; watch over me and take care of me; in Jesus' name. Amen.

  5. Lady Fett4:10 PM

    First I'd like to say that I'm pleased to hear that this Holy Father has taken a stand against this "touchy" subject.

    I do not use the word "Homosexual Person" because there is no such thing. They are human beings who are caught in a difficult situation between their feelings and what the Church teaches. It may sound easy for us to just choose to not "feel gay" but it's not that simple. (btw I will use the term gay or gays in my statements for ease of conversation)

    I agree that many "gays" are into perversity but so are "straight" people so I personally don't think pointing out the perversity practiced by some is a good point of argumentation. Rather, we should look to those who sincerely feel they are "gay" and are trying to live with it. Chances are they go to work, the bar, the library, the coffee shop etc.. just like "straights" They don't talk with a lisp, they don't dress in flashy clothing, they don't make "straight" jokes. They're just like us except attracted to the same sex. I agree this attraction is abnormal but it isn't always a choice. *Acting* on it is always our own doing but feeling it..well we all feel things that we can't control sometimes.

    It's an important issue because it's being forced on other people and esp. children. But how we as Christian people confront the issue is equally important.

    For example, I know someone who is the epitome of a "Homophobe" This person will not do certain things if someone of the opposite sex isn't available to do it. It's weird. They could be sitting next to a convicted rapist but as long as they're not gay, they'd be more comfortable with that person. Being afraid of gays is silly. Being afraid of being hugged by someone of the same sex is ridiculous. Now this person I know is prolly the most un-Christian-like person when it comes to how they treat "gays" They have *no* compassion for how they feel and they absolutely leave no room for subjective feelings about the matter. "You just can't do that and that's that! You're going to Hell." Now while I appreciate zeal for souls and that sometimes "harsh" words are necc. most of the time they are fruitless. This person thinks they are doing good for the kingdom of God by "gay bashing" Well, I guess then it's good that God judges the heart and intentions because from my view, people like this are not helping bring souls to Christ.

    All of us will go to Hell for unrepentant mortal sins. May God have mercy on us all.

  6. michael7:07 PM

    Some good comments have been made, and I'll add a few more favorite reflections on this topic:

    Sometimes people with homosexual desire are frequently the most devout among us, and turn to religion to try to find healing. Others who struggle with this condition often leave religion in anger, frustration, and bitterness.

    The Gospels do not mention homosexuality at all; at least not in the sense that we undertand the term today. The number of passages referring to 'homosexuality' in the entire Bible is miniscule compared to condemnations of idolatry, heterosexual adultery, murder, bribery, unfair business practices, drunkenness, inequity, and other forms of social injustice or personal sin.

    Indeed, the Bible contains something like 6 admonishments to homosexuals, and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. "That doesn't mean God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision."

    Jesus taught the Christian to treat people with love and compassion. All Christians, including married heterosexuals, are called to chastity. Chastity does not imply celibacy. It means refraining from immoral sexual expression. Homosexual expression or heterosexual is not more grave a sin than the other (sorry, St. John Chrysostom...).

    The interest in focusing attention in this direction, leads many to conclusions which are not consistent with Church teaching.

    The test of knowledge of God is not in the amount of time spent in formal religious practice or the type of formal religious practice. The test of knowledge of God is solely and entirely your capacity to love people. If hour upon hour of formal prayer is making you more loving to people, then your prayer is working to help you come to know God.

    Self-hatred is often taught in childhood, and we frequently fall back into that self-hatred unless we continue to affirm and be affirmed as good.

    Peace to all, and happy New Year!

  7. Lady Fett12:46 AM

    "Homosexual expression or heterosexual is not more grave a sin than the other (sorry, St. John Chrysostom...)"

    Sir, you are mistaken here. Homosexual acts are more grave because they go against not only God's law but nature as well. A man and a women fornicating is wrong because the context is wrong. There IS no context for homosexual acts and they are unnatural. Just thought I should clarify that for you. Otherwise..good insights.

  8. michael7:53 AM

    Dear lady fett, The Roman Church does not teach that one is more grave a sin than the other. A man and a woman fornicating is wrong, just as a man and a man fornicating is wrong....equally wrong....equally sinful. Both lead to hell. One does not merit a worse destination than the other.

    All are called to chastity. This is rightfully the emphasis in the Catechism, and in other recent teachings.

  9. michael8:39 AM

    My apologies to lady fett. In rereading the threads, I realize that I failed to clarify something. When I said 'Homosexual expression or heterosexual is not more grave a sin than the other', I was referring only to illicit, immoral, sexual expression. I believe we are still on the same page.


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