Monday, December 25, 2006

One more picture...

My Bambino on Christmas Eve...He has His toys, St. Nicholas came from the Orthodox Church and the Latin Church. The relic of St Francis de Sales has been there all along with The Virgen of the Apocalypse...St. Joseph is in the illumination from the minature book. The angels brought the crown that usually adorns the top of the Christmas tree.


  1. How did you get a relic of St. Frances de Sales? And if I ever meet you in person, can I see it?

    Beautiful nativity....beautiful.

  2. Exquisite...

    thank you!

  3. I want to be there toooooo! It is all so beautiful.

  4. you know who8:35 PM

    Terry, you simply have the best taste. We are dying to see you! Much Love!


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