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Friday, December 29, 2006

Now here is a guy...

With a fresh perspective on things.

On Catholic blogs and the coming indult:

"What is coming clear, now, is that a parting of the ways is coming: I predict the pope's expected Motu Propriu will expose a fault-line -- between those who genuinely want to pursue the "reform of the reform," and those who really couldn't care less about that, but rather are focused on the restoration of the old rite. Many of these self-styled "traditionalists" are being very plain: entirely scrap the Rite of Vatican II they derisively call Novus Ordo, a title they claim the Church herself gives the Mass (true in the barest technical sense: Paul VI used the expression, in a speech, once). A number of these folks, with little prodding, will proceed to tell you how heretical and evil the current rite of Mass is. And they don't stop there." Bonfire of the Vanities

Read Fr. Martin Fox on the Old and New Mass...he has some very good insights.

I drive, and don't mind driving to a Church where liturgy is celebrated well. I'm still attending St. Agnes. Good solid young priests are there, just like Fr. Fox. I so hate the constant arguing about rites however. No, I do not like the abuses, and I've experienced many, I never have liked them, why do you think I hate contemporary liturgical music? - yet the Mass of Paul VI is the prayer of the Church, it is legitimate, valid, holy and efficacious and does indeed give glory to God. To claim otherwise is a source of scandal that has kept not a few from benefiting from the grace that flows from what has been condemned by some as the Novus Ordo Church.

There are a few traditionalists who like to say they are indeed more Catholic than the Pope on the basis of the rite they celebrate - perhaps, and that is a very slim perhaps - what they fail to realize however, is no one can be more holy, nor more Catholic than the Church, of which, Benedict XVI is the head, the Vicar of Christ.

Let the Motu come when it will - the Church remains One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic - with or without it.


  1. I just said that the other day! You said it much better. I was so vitriolic, I deleted the post.

    I should go see what Fr. Fox has to say.

  2. Thanks for the plug.

    One of the reasons I get animated about this is that I do want to pursue the "reform of the reform," and I, too, don't want the abuses.

    More than that, I want to reorient the celebration of the liturgy, as it happens routinely in the parish, to where I think it is meant to be, but isn't; this is where the issue of music comes in -- and why it's more than bare questions of orthodoxy, but also simply what music.

    And all this takes tremendous effort, and patience, both because of ordinary inertia at work in moving any organization, but also because so many of our fellow Catholics are used to what's not adequate, they are attached to it, and so, there will be resistance from other than ideologues.

    . . . And you see, this is where a pastor needs help -- and he sure could use the help of anyone of a "traditional" bent.

    And guess what? He won't get it from a lot of so-called "traditionalists." They can't be bothered; they're happy in an enclave somewhere, or they prefer to nurse their grievances, or they don't want to get into the mess of struggle.

  3. Abbey-Road said...

    "Let the Motu come when it will - the Church remains One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic - with or without it."

    and Fr. Fox said...

    "He won't get it from a lot of so-called "traditionalists." They can't be bothered; they're happy in an enclave somewhere, or they prefer to nurse their grievances, or they don't want to get into the mess of struggle."

    Nothing could be further from the truth Fr. Fox.
    The SSPX has been training priests from all over the world who are waiting and praying for the freedom of the WHOLE FAITH!!

    This crisis is not just about the Mass but the WHOLE ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH.

    As the mother of 10 children who's souls my husband and I are responsible for had to inform our consciences back in the 80's as we were told one lie/sacrilege/heresy after the other.

    You not having children weren't as worries or as cognizent of what has been going on in the Church and that's why today, the Order of the SSPX has Seminaries, Monasteries, Schools, Convents and daily Masses EVERYwhere and that's why the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and it's Fruits are showing!

    Don't be's what Christ left for us on Holy Thursday.

    The Holy Mass, that cannot die,
    Was said amidst the oaks,
    While pin-oak leaves came floating down
    Around the simple folks,

    Who knelt upon the acorn floor,
    All dotted nutty brown.
    The acorns cracked and old knees snapped,
    Yet still there was no sound...

    But the tinkling of the golden bells
    As the White Host Son rose high,
    On priestly limbs, like mighty oaks,
    They branched up to the sky.

    And in that wood, I laughed with joy,
    Amongst the souls bowed down,
    For the mighty oak was once a nut
    That merely held it's ground.

    So Christian souls, like acorn nuts,
    Must burrow all around
    And be the seed that sprouts new oaks
    On consecrated ground...

    Where the Holy Mass, that cannot die,
    Is said around the oaks,
    While pin-oak leaves come floating down
    Amidst a mighty folk!

  4. Long Skirts - You are correct. I was struck by your reminder that I, not having children, was not aware of the general impact upon families and children.
    The liturgy informs, forms and perfects our faith - I thought about this today - I was fortunate to grow up in the pre-Vatican II Church, with solid liturgy and devotion. I have never considered the impact of how children have been taught the faith since the council in quite the same way as I have this morning after reading your comments. Thanks for calling my attention to this. You have helped me understand the importance of the coming motu much better - as well as the reason for the intensity of many traditionalists over this matter.

    God bless you and your husband and your holy family on this feast of the Holy Family.

  5. Long Skirts:

    I wish you well -- and commend you for being generous with the gift of life! -- but, unless I miss your point, I think you are, in fact, strengthening my point.

    The project I said I "a lot" of traditionalists wouldn't support me on, is the "reform of the reform" -- i.e., fully realizing the intentions of the Second Vatican II regarding the celebration of the Mass, beginning with the current Missal of Paul VI.

    Well, as I say -- unless I misunderstood you, you seem to be all about, not any reform or improvement in the Mass of Paul VI, but simply a restoration of the 1962 Missal.

    By the way, I didn't say no "traditionalists" would be helpful in the "reform of the reform" -- but I assert many will not be. If you click on my name, through to my site, and see the comments I'm getting, you'll see what I predicted is being confirmed there.

  6. Lady Fett4:36 PM

    No traditonalist "fails to realize" that they are not "more Catholic than the Church.." That's a pretty sweeping generalization to make, dear sir. Please retract it. (:

    What trads DO realize is that it is possible for the lay faithful to exceed the Pope in holiness as well as in the practice of the faith. Many modern Catholics *equate* holiness with whatever the current Pontiff is about or supports. This is simply not Catholic.

    The Novus Ordo Mass may be legitimate and valid but by that fact it does not make it the *best* I compare the two like this..the Traditional Mass is like a wonderful, balanced diet. The New Mass is like a diet of pop and junk food. Yes, you will get some essentials but overall, in the long run, it falls short of healthy. Jesus is truly present in a properly said Novus Ordo Mass and some would say that's all that matters. We can see this opinion reflected in the emptiness of Novus Ordo parishes. Usually there are no statues, no pictures..bare walls. Because, "All we need is Jesus" Well, that sounds more Protestant than Catholic. Of course this isn't so. Catholicism is an incarnational religion. We are not angels. We require things to help us lift our minds and hearts to God. The Old Mass, complete with the old style Churches it was once celebrated in, help us to do this. Plus we must realize that there is glory given to God by the act itself. My opinion is that a well said Novus Ordo *still* gives less glory to God than a well said Tridentine Mass. Why? Not because the sacrifice of Christ is less but because the ritual itself is less worthy of God. A simple study of the two missals and Church history should prove this point I believe.

  7. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Fr. Fox said...

    "... fully realizing the intentions of the Second Vatican II regarding the celebration of the Mass, beginning with the current Missal of Paul VI...."

    The Second Vatican Council was NOT even doctrinal but pastoral. FIVE protestant ministers were brought in to help make the Mass more for the PEOPLE.

    "... you seem to be all about, not any reform or improvement in the Mass of Paul VI, but simply a restoration of the 1962 Missal."

    Do you think anyone can really improve on what Our Lord gave us at the Last Supper on Holy Thursday? "which shall be shed for you and for MANY..." There is no need to restore the Tridentine Mass or reform the reform as the Tridentine Mass was NEVER abrogated.

    The Faith is living and the Mass is bearing tremendous fruits. One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to see what has happened to Holy Mother Church, her seminaries, her convents, her school closures, etc. since Vatican II. Then of course the most hiddeous fruits of all...the-so-called-pedophile-priests. This is Satan's finest hour to destroy the Office of the Priesthood.

    If you still can't see this then all I can say to those so blind is, "Watch a little T.V." God has let it be put right in our cannot be reformed.

    I will pray for you Fr. Fox and I hope you will for me as we must ALL continue to PRESERVE the WHOLE FAITH, together.

    Thankfully God did not leave us orphans and there are thousands of priests who have been preserving and teaching the rest of us the True Faith. Your Office of the Priesthood is one to be so proud of Fr. Fox. God bless! And keep fighting!


    The power of the cassock
    Is to lure
    Like fishermen
    To nets secure.

    The power of the cassock,
    Ebony shine,
    A hull of hues
    On deck Divine.

    The power of the cassock
    Anchors the man,
    Dead to the world
    In his sea-span.

    The power of the cassock,
    Weighted strength,
    Before the mast
    It's linen length.

    The power of the cassock
    Sails your soul
    To greater depths
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    The power of the cassock,
    Captains' pure.
    The fishermen,
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