Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

Night Clubbing

Painting by Tamara de Lempicka

New Year's eve once held a special fascination for me as a boy because of all the 1930's screwball comedies I used to watch on TV, depicting a mad-cap gala, while awaiting my parents return home with noise-makers and crowns for us to play with.
Later, when night clubbing on this eve, I desperately tried to have the same fun I imagined from the old movies. I never, ever had a fun time on New Years. Nevertheless, I still like the Art Deco memories the artist de Lempicka documented so well in her paintings.
New Year's is far too overrated. For me, it's nothing but a chronological transition, a turn of the page in one's calendar.
Fr. Nicholas has a charming history of New Year's traditions on his blog "Roman Miscellany". The feast of the Annunciation at one time was the New Years commemoration, I like that.
(If you never read the British Catholic blogs, I highly recommend you do - they are extremely informative and revealing as to how fervent the British are in their faith, their concern for continuity and the Church, not to mention their ardent desire for "the dowry" to be returned to the Church of Rome. I am always edified with these sons and daughters of the great martyrs of the Church of England and Wales.) Pictured below, The Martyrs of England and Wales.


  1. Loved 'Holiday' with Cary Grant & Katharine Hepburn - & 'Desk Set', while not from the thirties, is another favorite at this time of year...

    Carole Lombard was great with William Powell in the thirties - what was that movie where he was the butler? They had been married at one time, I believe. I also liked Jean Harlow, who I think was engaged to William Powell at the time of her death - she was doing a movie with Clark Gable at the time & was very ill - during one seen he had to pick her up in his arms & throw her down on a couch, & he was alarmed at her obvious illness. I think it was during the making of 'Saratoga', but I could be wrong...

    Of course, the 'Thin Man' series is another beloved classic - & I did love the series 'Hart to Hart,' with dear heart Robert Wagner & the ever elegant Stefanie Powers:)

    Love that stuff!

  2. Oh! My! Gosh!
    Rhapsody - we are movie twins!
    Did you ever see Jean Arthur in "The Awful Truth"? The best!

  3. Oh Terry!

    I haven't seen that one - that's the 'awful truth':( But I'll catch it next time - I love TCM!

    'It Happened One Night' was excellent - Oh! a bit of trivia about Myrna Loy (I think that's how you spell her name). Did you see the creepy movie, 'Midnight Lace' with Doris Day & Rex Harrison? Myrna Loy played Doris Day's aunt - she was not used to playing the matriarch, but Doris Day wasn't a diva & she was very gracious & made sure her 'aunt' wasn't made to feel uncomfortable. It's a good movie - late fifties or early sixties... not a comedy though.

    Did you like any of Marlene Dietrich's movies? Or Joan Crawford? or Barbara Stanwick(sp)?

  4. "It Hapened On Night" another classic!
    I liked Dietrich, not so much Crawford or Stanwick though - too cold.
    I also remember "Midnight Lace" I loved that.
    I think I mentioned that I'm sure my parents based their characters on Myrna Loy and her Thin Man husband?

  5. Yes you did mention that:) So were they like Jonathan & Jennifer Hart, too?


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