Sunday, December 31, 2006

Masked Ball

The meeting of Romeo and Juliet in Zeferelli's classic.
This is what I always wanted for New Year's Eve.
It never happened - I never met Olivia Hussey.
(My cats and I are having a masked ball of our own tonight. Just kidding! Wouldn't that be funny though? "Agnes, pour me some more Asti!")


  1. Happy New Year to you, Terry, and to the kitkins, too!

    I'm staying in tonight and watching old movies with my brothers . . . and praying for those on the roads tonight. Freezing rain and drunk drivers just seems like a way bad combo to me.

  2. Happy New Year Ronnie!

  3. My friend Nadine came over to help me pack for Rome. I was having a mental meltdown because there is so much to pack. Now . . . shall I have week old lasagna and something to drink . . . or cookies and herbal tea? Wish you were here.


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