Friday, December 22, 2006

Just one more shopping day...

At least where I work - being a Catholic company, we are not open on Sunday. Traditionally, December 23 is the busiest day in our Store all year - even when we are open on Christmas eve. (Warning - if you shop with us - we close at 5PM sharp - and I lock the doors 10 minutes early.)
For me, after tomorrow, the madness is over. We've had a pretty good year, and a good season. Yet I'll be interested to get the stats on how retail did overall this year. I have to admit, we are just about even with last year - but it just hasn't been as busy as in previous years.
I think people are maxed out on credit and I think quite a few are having trouble with balloon mortgage rates, while some may be defaulting on their home loans.
Whatever, I'm glad the rush will soon be over. Sadly, by Monday evening - Christmas day - most people will consider it over entirely. Television will not have any Christmas after that day. Few seem to realize the Christmas season just gets started on Christmas. If Christians were not so secularized, they would do the gift thing on January 6th, Epiphany, and save themselves a bundle by shopping the sales after Christmas day...sadly, many modern Christians share the common belief that Christmas is over after the gifts are opened and the turkey is devoured...annoyed, if they are Catholic, that they have to attend Mass on New Years day, the feast of the Mother of God.


  1. Sting: er, Terry:

    Good point about waiting until after Christmas Day and giving gifts on Epiphany. It would save money and it IS the real season.

  2. From what I've been learning from some of my friends of different cultures (one thing I am saddened by is that Americans have practically no culture as a whole!), is that gifts at Christmas actually WERE given on the Feast of the Epiphany, since that is when the Wise men came to Jesus with gifts. I don't know exactly when people decided to give presents on Christmas Day itself, but I think it may be a bit of a modern change.

    Somebody, correct me if I'm wrong;)

    By the way, I enjoy your blog.

  3. Thanks Cathy and Therese _ a friend of mine just said, "Well it's all over after tomorrow!"
    Gosh! How do we impress upon people Christmas just starts tomorrow after vespers? I do wish our gift giving was a bit more restrained and we could really focus it on Epiphany.
    Therese, you are correct - it is culture-less American.


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