Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jim and I are very dissapointed...

We have tried honey!
God knows we have tried!
We said,
"Terry, honey - you do sweeps week and people will come. They will see your sincerity and your good posts, and honey - they will comment! They will. Honey, they will! Terry, you're bloggin' for the Lord! Just like Corrie Ten Boom, sweetie!"
(Ah, Tammy, that was 'Tramp for the Lord" - that was her book.)
"You don't ask for donations like Jim and I did, or Gerald and Fr. Z does, no baby, you're doin' it for the Lord.
"Keep it up honey! Don't you ever think of givin' up bloggin'! Don't you give up honey!
"Bob and Penny Lord love you and so do Jim and Tammy Faye Baker - well yeah! We're divorced now -but we love ya Terry - we just love ya!"
- From our very special guest blogger, Tammy Faye.
(I am so ver klempft! Don't feel guilty you don't comment - I'll be okay...oh that Tammy Faye - what a friend!)


  1. Terry: That photo is seriously horrifying.

    Group hug!

  2. the eyes of tammy fay9:35 AM

    Terry - is that a photo of you or Tammy?
    -laughs hysterically

  3. Gee, Tammy Fae is a Minnesotan, born and bred! "The Falls", I think. Do ya suppose I should have to start keeping track of her blog comments on Stella Borealis?

    Oh, the Horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, how I understand! This blogger also rarely gets comments. There are days when one feels like yelling, "Does anyone read this thing?" But you're right, Terry, you're right. It's rather like singing Matins on a solemnity — 3 nocturns, Te Deum, Gospel, Te decet laus, the works!— in a completely empty church. For God alone.


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