Saturday, December 23, 2006

I wish...

Pictured, St. Nicholas rescues sailors in a storm.
I wish I could be like St. Nicholas, and fly to those in need, providing for their wants, obtaining grace in abundance.
The levitation and flights of St. Nicholas, and his secret distribution of alms, became the source for the legend of Santa Claus flying through the air, distributing gifts by dropping them down chimneys and the like.
I wish I could do that - there are so many people I would love to do that for - far too many to count. One has to be a saint to bilocate and levitate and fly, and to work such miracles.
I have to remember I am not Santa.


  1. Well, you do have a gift for writing, which thankfully you share in abundance:)

    I didn't know St. Nicholas experienced these phenomena - how interesting!


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