Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hey Ray - Look at This!

This guy was Time magazine's Man of the Year for 1938!

"Written at the very peak of his political successes, this Time magazine article conferring on Adolf Hitler its coveted "Man of the Year Award" for 1938 offers a fascinating contemporary perspective of the Fuhrer prior to the outbreak of WW II." -found on Cynical-C blog
There is just no accounting for 'human error'!
(I found out Ray at Stella Borealis is a history buff and has nothing to do on New Year's Eve. Everyone should hit on him tonite - place comments on his posts that is.)

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  1. Hey, who are all these strangers hitting on this lonely Catholic geezer on New Years Eve?

    And it's even a "White" New Years Eve, something none of us here in the Upper Midwest, God's Country, ever
    expected this year.

    Well, folks, you're missing out on a great party. I'm going to have to eat and drink it all up myself. That works.

    But dancing by myself doesn't work so hot.

    Happy New Year and behave yourselves.

    If you're driving in MN, be careful! They issued 40,000 DWI/DUI tickets in 2006 and I sense they are going to try for 50,000 in 2007.


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