Sunday, December 17, 2006

First try...

At pictures of my Christmas!

I don't know how to take pictures with my new camera - everything gets so washed out - the ornaments don't show up on the tree - green goes black...etc.

Judge Judy's voice keeps resonating in my ear, "You're an idiot!"
I'll redo them and hopefully they will come off better - more as it looks in person.
The tree looks bare, when it's really loaded.
While the Virgen of the Apocalypse, with the Bambino is way too hot.
The mantle looks rather bare, while the painting, a copy I painted of N.C. Wyeth's "Old St. Nick", photographs so stark and small, whereas, in the room, the painting appears larger and more dominant.
And of course, you can hardly see the Teddy Bears - they are going to be so upset about that!


  1. These are the pictures I was waiting for. More. More.

  2. Agreed!

    They're beautiful:)

  3. Inquiring minds want to know: is this really your house? It looks dare I say it: cheerful and festive.

  4. Yes it is really my house!

  5. Michael5:42 PM

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Thanks for sharing the Christmas carol. You're very special & talented. You have a big audience......and we're all squeezed in and straining to see the details in every nook and cranny. Please photos of your garden some day...


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